PowerChord, Inc. Launches Local, Weather-Triggered Ad Capabilities for Seasonal Brands and Products

PowerChord, Inc. announces the integration of new weather triggered advertising technology into their suite of multi-location digital marketing solutions for brands/manufacturers who sell through local, independent dealer networks.

Now offering a powerful way to reach customers, PowerChord’s weather-specific technology empowers brands by utilizing custom campaign triggers to anticipate consumer demand and capture market opportunity the moment weather strikes. Hyper-targeted campaign rules use forecast elements, such as temperature, wind speed and precipitation, to launch paid search and display ads based on the real-time weather outside consumers’ doors.

With 71% of online users preferring personalized online experiences according to Adlucent research, weather-triggered ads have proven to lead to an overall lift in online visibility, increased customer engagement, and spikes in local online and in-store traffic.

With weather playing an instrumental role in purchasing for seasonal brands and products, this service is a significant value addition to the PowerChord Platform – complementing the SaaS leader’s existing offering of providing local digital storefronts and multi-location digital marketing solutions to global manufacturing brands.

“We are constantly experimenting with new technologies to effectively help our clients reach customers in creative and relevant ways,” said PowerChord CEO, Lanny Tucker. “Our platform supports a wealth of seasonal products and these ads will be an essential way to scale time-sensitive promotions – automating brand-controlled, dealer-to-consumer marketing strategies. Brands will be able to truly capitalize on weather-influenced purchasing and drive more revenue online and specifically through their local dealer networks.”