Being employed by a company fortunate enough to implement a fully remote work environment is a blessing during this pandemic. While we are all trying to adapt to our new normal, PowerChord is continuing to power through and provide our clients with the same levels of performance as we would in the office. As we continue our operations, we (like many others) are faced with the challenge of onboarding new hires during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

The onboarding experience is very important and a vital component in not only the employee’s first 90 days but their experience as a whole at PowerChord. The People and Culture team has taken on this concern and developed a virtual onboarding experience to serve our new employees. Let’s take a look at that process!

Starting on the Right Foot

The process begins before their first day. We start with a welcome email stating what their first day will look like, expectations for the first 60 days, and a recognition survey (we will come back to this later). A quick bio is asked of the new employee, so we can introduce them to the company on their first day. Finally, answering any questions that may come up along the way. Communication is key while working remote and we want to make sure our employees have the tools they need to succeed. 

A Warm Welcome

On the first day, we schedule a video meeting, set up for the onboarding presentation. Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and Skype are all great tools to use for this feature. At PowerChord, we send out a welcome email with the new employee’s bio, a photo of them, and ways to reach out to make them feel welcome.

Promote Ways to Get Involved in Company Culture

Who says that the office activities have to stop when everyone goes remotely? Not PowerChord! We have regular happy hours and coffee hours where employees can log on to the video zoom meeting and see all of their colleagues. This is a great way to introduce our new Rockstars into the culture we have created. Spirit week, Bingo, Step Challenges, and Coffee Meet-Ups are just a few of the activities that bring our employees together.  With these opportunities to become immediately engaged and immersed, we can create ease of transition and inclusion in their first weeks!  

Recognize the Little Things

One thing I mentioned earlier was a Recognition Survey we send out to our new hires before their first day. This is a questionnaire that tells us a little more about that specific employee. Favorite food, places to shop, candy, the important stuff, right? We typically use this survey to create a welcome gift basket for their first day, but since we are temporarily away from the office, we had to get creative. 

Everyone deserves to feel welcomed and special on their first day at work, so with a little brainstorming and a lot of love we created a virtual gift basket. Making sure our new employees feel welcomed and appreciated by PowerChord, sending a sweet welcome note, followed by a few gift cards to their favorite retail store or restaurant will brighten their day. Check out a sample template welcome note and virtual gift basket message here. 

Keys to Successful Onboarding

If you can hire new employees during this pandemic, take note and remember: communication will guide your company through hard times, keep your new employees engaged in company activities, and make them feel right at home (no pun intended) with your company while working from home.