How to Analyze Lead Data to Close Sales Faster

lead analytics

Step One: Implement Lead Tracking

Gathering valuable information on each lead can help you tailor your sales process. The data tracked from won, lost and open opportunities is essential for fine-tuning your sales strategies with actual facts and data. Keep your leads organized by using our Command Center Status field. In addition to maintaining the correct lead status, you can also add notes to update your team on the progress of the lead. If you are using a CRM, you can export your leads from the PowerChord program and track them along with your other lead data.

Pro Tip: Add multiple email addresses within your business to receive lead notification emails and update the lead status. 

Step Two: Use Lead Type to Personalize the Consumer Experience

Consumers research products throughout every stage of their buying journey, so by the time they contact you, they are more than likely ready to discuss buying options or get their remaining questions answered. Give your lead the correct information early on to help speed up your sales process. Be sure to confirm if the customer completed a form on a specific product page or mentioned it in the comments field. Knowing the product they are interested in helps curate your response and confirm that the selected product will meet their needs. 

Pro Tip: Within Command Center, you can use Filters on the Leads Home Page to see where on your PowerChord site that users are completing lead forms. 

  • Login to Command Center
  • Select Leads in the left menu
  • Filter down to Product Forms within Command Center and determine what products consumers are typically reaching out to you about
  • Craft templates based on these products so you can automate a more personalized response and contact your lead quickly

Visualizing your lead data over a period of time can help you draw insights on how marketing is performing and potentially impacting your sales. Using data from your consumers can help you implement better sales processes and ultimately differentiate your business from the other in today’s competitive landscape. 

Coming soon! Our Lead Analytics Dashboard will be available to you in the coming week; this powerful module provides details on site sessions and leads submitted on your co-branded dealer site.

Check out this 5 minute overview video to learn more

written by

Kirstyn Cline

Kirstyn is a Partner Engagement Specialist and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog.

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