The Cashier-less Movement

I've been reflecting on my recent trip to Europe. My initial goal in visiting Europe was to enjoy some time off work and sight see, but I still found my curiosity for emerging…

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Why Tone is Everything

Do you ever find yourself drawn to people who emit confidence - people who are self-aware and have a very clear understanding of who they are in themselves?

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4 Brands that Realize the Potential of Augmented Reality

I remember when the thought of AR seemed like a pipe dream - something we thought could only be found at the end of a rainbow or in an episode of The Jetsons.

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The Technology That Has PowerChord Most Excited for 2019

This time of year always feels like the ultimate Friday - except instead of a weekend full of promise and possibilities ahead, it’s a whole new year and a chance at a clean……

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Black Friday: Past, Present, & Future Retail Outrageousness

There seems to be differing beliefs about how Black Friday started. Personally, I never questioned why it was a thing until I decided to write this blog post.So for anyone…

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A Tribute to our PowerChord Veterans

When I started this article, I knew we had several veterans in the PowerChord office - but what I didn't realize was that they had all served in the Air Force.

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The Player to be Analyzed Later – Another Article on Data in Baseball

Here are three things to know about me: I love baseball, I'm extremely superstitious and I think Bull Durham is unequivocally the greatest baseball movie of all time

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Not Another Social Media Network

Who likes the idea of image-based searches? (cautiously raises hand)You snap a picture of an item and a new browser window appears that allows you to make an immediate purchase.

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Just a Small Town Girl, Living in an Alexa World

I have to say Alexa has been successful. So successful, in fact, that she now seemingly has a better relationship with my boyfriend than I do.

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