Do You Know Your Best Customers?

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Consumers have seemingly endless options for where to shop and buy products. From their local dealer, to a big box store, or an eCommerce website, customers can research potential purchases to find the product or service to best meet their needs. How can your business stand out from the crowd?

Knowledge of your customers’ expectations gives your business another advantage in an ever-changing, competitive landscape. As a local business, you have the benefit of building loyal relationships to become the retailer of choice for your potential customers. To establish these relationships, every prospect, lead, or customer can provide critical data on how your business is performing. This feedback loop is an essential part of your business strategy to capture information on your best customers.

Listen to Your Customers - And Data They Provide

The number one lead management best practice is contacting every lead that comes your way. Maybe they aren’t ready to buy or just want a few questions answered about your products, however, it’s important to evaluate every lead you receive via email, phone, or in-store visit. Every lead provides valuable information on your ideal target market: what products are they most likely to purchase, what questions do they need to have answered prior to making a decision or in which stage of the sales funnel are they contacting you? The data your leads provide can help you assess your customers’ expectations and help you stand out from the competition. 

  • Create a process to organize your leads. Categorizing them can be as simple as ‘Contact Attempted’, ‘In Progress’, and ‘On Hold’. Develop a sales strategy to communicate with prospects in each of these categories. 
  • Use PowerChord’s Command Center  to add Lead Notes to individual leads that you contact. It’s also helpful to keep the Status updated as they move through the Sales Funnel. 
  • Apply the knowledge that you gain through your conversations to your marketing content and targeting strategies. For example, if you learn that many of your customers have questions about financing, create an advertising campaign focused on this specific messaging.

Respond on Social Media 

Most of your consumers are active on social media. This is the perfect platform for you to gain insights on your consumers - listen to complaints, concerns and questions. Respond quickly (ideally within a consistent window of 24 hours) to show your commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, Applied Marketing Science found that customers who receive responses to their tweets are willing to spend 3-20% more on average-priced items.

  • Learn from any negative feedback you receive and implement an appropriate resolution.
  • Share positive feedback via social media to gain more customers - positive reviews are very compelling for customers who are making a purchase decision.

In order to get to know your target consumers better, leverage the data you’ve been collecting, such as which website pages convert the most form fills, which social media posts create the most engagement, and how quickly leads convert into sales. 

Take advantage of your customer data - one of your most valuable business assets - through the PowerChord Command Center or your own CRM to get to know your best customers and grow your business. 

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written by

Kirstyn Cline

Kirstyn is a Partner Engagement Specialist and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog.

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