Why You Should Be Expediting Time-to-Contact With Inbound Leads

Time to contact

The research readily available on the benefits of minimizing inbound lead time-to-contact to maximize sales, seems almost endless. Just like the early bird gets the worm, the early salesperson gets the sale. Did you know 78% of sales go to the first person to contact a lead? It’s true. What about the fact that sales conversions increase by 391% when inbound leads are contacted within the same minute they are generated? Speed is clearly key when leads are received. 

After two decades of perfecting all things lead distribution and lead management, PowerChord has embraced the need for speed by implementing multiple features within the PowerChord system that not only deliver leads to the appropriate salesperson within seconds of generation, but also tracks leads through their lifecycle.

Additionally, the system sends auto-generated emails to check on a lead’s status, and makes updating the lead in the sales funnel almost effortless with our One-click Action update feature. Ensuring pipeline accuracy has never been easier.

For more on all of the exciting ways PowerChord makes it possible to reach your inbound leads within one minute of being generated, check out the video below.

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