Forget the Funnel Focus on the Flywheel

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Savvy marketers are abandoning the traditional sales funnel, and instead are taking advantage of a Marketing Flywheel to attract, engage and delight potential customers. As the flywheel seamlessly attracts more customers, becomes more engaging, and adds more delight, it will spin faster and faster to grow your business.

Phase 1: Attract with locally relevant advertising

Mobile shopping allows customers to access the information they need at the time that is most relevant. Attract those customers at the right moment with advertising that is locally targeted. Searches with local intent, such as “near me”, continue to rise and properly-placed advertising reaches these customers with advertising that will provide the details they need to shop locally.

Attract locally with the following channels:

  • Locally targeted advertising can include paid search ads with location extensions and quick links to find your location’s address, phone number and store hours
  • Social media advertising can target just those shoppers within your geography, and highlight store specials or events
  • Send the traffic to locally optimized landing pages to continue their customer journey throughout their shopping experience.

When you maximize the power of local advertising to attract potential customers, you keep the flywheel moving in the right direction!

Phase 2: Engage

Optimize for conversion

As you visualize your customers at the center of your flywheel, consider optimal ways to provide the information that they may need to take the next step in their purchase journey. When they arrive at your website or campaign landing page, the information provided should answer their questions, provide value, and allow them to confidently make a purchase decision. You may offer the ability for the customer to request a quote, schedule a demo, or book an appointment, and any of these next steps will help you solve your customers’ needs.

Are there any steps in your process that you could make easier for the customer? For example:

  • Ensure that your online forms contain only the minimally required fields
  • Provide more than one way for customers to reach you
  • Offer flexible hours for scheduling appointments.

And remember that conversions can happen in-store or online. Customers may be shopping in your store to see or demo a product, but they are likely on their phones as well, confirming product details and comparing prices. No matter where the customer is, your ability to quickly provide information to your shoppers will help convert them into customers. Provide a convenient customer experience throughout their shopping journey to engage with them, and encourage them to make a purchase.

Phase 3: Delight

Build a long-lasting relationship

Customer service after the sale is key to maintaining your flywheel momentum. Today’s customers have many purchase options for the products they need and are willing to spend their money elsewhere if they have a negative shopping experience. Once you have attracted and engaged your customers, delight them with positive customer experiences to build their loyalty and positive feedback.

Consider the following ideas to delight your customers:

  • Demonstrate to your customers that you value their business by providing instructions or guidance to make the most of their purchase
  • Customer loyalty programs can benefit you and the customer by rewarding repeat purchases, or by referring your business to a friend
  • Personalize their experience by sending emails on their birthday, or on the anniversary of their purchase
  • Request that they leave a positive review on your Google My Business listing - this positive feedback will influence and attract new customers, keeping your flywheel moving forward!

Think of your Marketing Flywheel as an opportunity to continue the conversation with your customers, building on your momentum and finding new ways to reduce any friction in the process. By attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers, you’ll see continued growth and success for your business.

written by

Kirstyn Cline

Kirstyn is Director of Client Service and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog.

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