How Data Privacy Can Affect Your Local Campaigns

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Recent data breaches, privacy regulation updates, and technology changes have made data privacy top-of-mind for many online shoppers. At the same time, advertisers leverage this customer data to create personalized, relevant content for site visitors, and to prospect for new customers using lookalike data - potential customers who have similar attributes to existing customers. As the demand for consumer rights and data privacy increases, advertisers must find new innovative ways to reach customers and prospects.

Privacy Regulations - CCPA & GDPR:

Enacted in Europe in 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and in 2020 in the U.S., CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), introduced an onslaught of consumer privacy regulations that had advertisers scrambling to meet new consumer data privacy rules. These regulations were designed to empower consumers to more transparently manage personal data that was shared with advertisers and businesses.

Note: On your PowerChord site, a cookie acceptance banner appears at the bottom of the page. This banner prompts users to consent to use of cookies and other tracking technology.

Sunset of Third Party Cookies:

Cookie technology was developed to simplify online web browsing - when a user visited a website, a data file called a cookie was saved on the computer to identify that user when they returned to the site. Over time, cookie functionality expanded to allow advertisers to target users based on their full browsing history, and to create lookalike audiences. To protect users' privacy, Google recently announced plans to phase out the use of third-party cookies on their Chrome browser by 2022.

Although no alternative tracking methods have been formally announced, this change will dramatically impact advertisers who rely on third-party data. Google will continue to collect first-party data and track activity of users who are logged in to their network, including Google Chrome and YouTube. Advertisers on other sites will have to find alternative means of collecting data about their users either obtaining first-party data or relying less on personalized targeting.

Note: PowerChord Dealer sites are already collecting first-party data from shoppers who submit their contact information through lead forms. This is extremely valuable information for advertising, and will allow for more efficient and effective targeting solutions.

Apple iOS Changes:

Technology providers are addressing data privacy independently, which has led to a wide variety of data policy changes across devices and browsers. For example, Apple, with it’s latest iOS update, has stopped cross-app tracking; apps must obtain permission from the user to track them across other apps and websites. Since many users may opt out of tracking, advertisers may begin to see an impact on the ability to re-market users with personalized ads.

Note: The PowerChord Digital Marketing team is closely monitoring campaign performance and will adjust campaign plans accordingly to ensure maximum success.

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PowerChord is here to help:

Technology continues to evolve rapidly and your PowerChord team is working to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Your PowerChord site is working to collect first-party customer data to inform targeting for prospective shoppers. With the addition of the cookie banner, consumers have the option to consent to tracking cookies so that we can continue to collect data while keeping the control in our consumers’ hands.

As your local marketing expert, PowerChord remains dedicated to researching the latest developments and potential implications that industry changes could have on our brands and digital marketing efforts. We are committed to providing the best possible recommendations to ensure brand growth for our clients now and into the future.

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