How To Close Your Next Cold Call In 4 Simple Steps

Closing Qualified Leads

82% of buyers have accepted meetings after a series of contacts from a salesperson that started from a cold call.

Cold calling leads can be an uncomfortable encounter for all involved. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow these four easy steps to make your next cold call profitable instead of painful. 

Step 1. Get your head in the game

If cold calling feels like torture, you’re not approaching the process with the correct mindset. 

Negativity breeds negativity. A negative attitude can be easily detected in a person’s tone during sales calls and emails. Instead, approach your next cold call with a positive mindset. Get your mind in the game before you pick up the phone or start that email. Fully believe you are in the business of helping people, not lining your pockets. 

Step 2. Charm to Disarm

When cold calling, don’t immediately dive into your sales pitch. Instead, take the time to qualify leads in a friendly, engaging manner. 

During the first few minutes of a cold call, the most important thing you can do is get the person on the other end of the line to believe you want to help them, not sell them something. Instead of asking the classic question, What is your pain? Ask questions like, What is your most significant work hurdle? Or, What hoops are you tired of jumping through to complete a task? 

Listen to their answers. Use the responses to spin your sales pitch to convey a sincere want to help solve their problems. You’ll instantly put the prospect at ease and disarm them from firing off rejections to your sales pitch.

Step 3. Stay in control

Never lose control of the sale. A qualified lead is a sale waiting to happen, do not give up!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a sale is to lose control of the prospect and give up. Envision a fence around your qualified leads. Do not allow them to wander out of the fence. Never give up on a qualified lead. It may take eight follow-up calls and emails to close the sale. Constantly feed and nurture the prospect’s thought process. Anticipate their next move. Have an answer for every doubt-filled scenario. You know you can help them. It’s up to you to constantly remind them of that. Remind them of the hurdles and hoops they mentioned. Follow up with statements like You will increase productivity without increasing your effort.

A great way to stay organized and keep in control of the brand is by utilizing an innovative lead management platform. There’s no guesswork. Platforms like PowerChord use cutting-edge tracking tools and analytics that keep both the sales team and management informed through every step of the sales cycle. 

Step 4. Close the sale. Not  the relationship.

You've qualified the lead. You've nurtured a great working relationship. You've solidified their confidence in your product or service. Now all you should need to close the sale is a pen and dotted line for the prospect to sign. That said, after you close the sale, don’t end the relationship. Maintain a line of communication with periodic check-ins with your new client. Set a calendar reminder to reach out every few months. Stay invested. Ask about new hurdles. Can you help? Do you have a new product in your tool kit you can sell them? You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Besides, who doesn't love an easy sale?

For more information on how PowerChord is helping large brands manage dealers, and track qualified leads through the sales cycle, fill out this form, here.

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