How to Empower Every Employee Through Leadership Training

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Leadership training is important for a number of reasons, one being the strong impact your leaders have on their teams and the overall organization. You entrust people to guide your employees through tough times, to mentor them through growth opportunities, and hold them accountable while they complete their annual goals. How are you providing them the tools to make them stronger leaders?

By training your leaders, you are not only improving the growth of the individual but the overall team. What they do, trickles down and impacts those they support. There is guaranteed to be less turnover and increased productivity as well.

So what are we doing at PowerChord to empower our leaders and make them the best? Check out some of the training and toolkit examples below!

· Hiring Training. It all starts with hiring the right team member. Are your teams following the proper legal guidelines? Are they rushing through the process? Did they post for the right role to fill the necessary gap in their team? These are all things we talk about in our hiring training for our leaders. You want to hire the right people for the role and we understand that, but making sure it is done the right way is also important. We created a toolkit for our teams with hiring questions, templates, and do’s and don’ts, so they can be confident when hiring that perfect candidate.

· Engagement. This is primarily one of the most important training's you can put your leadership team through. Studies have shown that 70% of employee engagement comes from leadership and their impact on their teams. We discuss with them how to hold proper intentional 1:1 meetings, mentoring, career growth conversations, and positive feedback loops. We created a toolkit for this as well, providing them with sample templates, forms, articles, and so much more.

· Recognition. Naturally, as human beings, we want to be recognized for the hard work we do. Even if we are being paid to do a job, recognition for your teams increases productivity and reduces turnover tremendously on a team. Training managers on how to recognize people is key to employee satisfaction.   We created a budget for each team to use for recognition that they have primarily to focus on these initiatives. We also created a toolkit for them including the following: Recognition Map, Recognition Ideas, and a Recognition Survey for Individuals on the Team (what do they prefer or enjoy).  

· FMLA and Substance Abuse. How many times have we heard “My employee is out a lot, their absenteeism is through the roof,” to find out they have a serious condition or are taking care of a family member with a serious condition? Going through FMLA and what this entails can empower your leaders to make the right decisions and provide the right information. This prevents things from happening ‘too late’ and provides the right guidance for the team to know what the next steps are. We want to make sure we are abiding by laws and creating a place where all employees are informed.

· Coaching and Accountability. Leaders need to know that what they are doing is the right thing. Holding their teams accountable for their goals and actions is a huge piece of their job. It reflects them and their employees, so we want to make sure they feel good about doing this and doing it right. Providing them training and tools on how to coach, document, and communicate to their employees will help both the employee and the manager long term. It also is great for the company to keep a pulse on the teams and understand what is happening within each department.

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Blake Cargill

Blake Cargill is a People and Culture Relations Coordinator and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog. You can find Blake in Key West with sangria and key lime pie.

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Evan Waechter

Evan Waechter is Director of People and Culture and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog. Evan loves to problem solve. She even does puzzles for fun.

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