How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel To Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions
Good salespeople understand the concept of a sales funnel. Great salespeople optimize their sales funnel to increase conversions.

While the concept of a sales funnel is easy to grasp, it’s what you do with your funnel that sets you apart. Sales funnel optimization is the fastest way to ensure your funnel is full of qualified leads and that you’re not wasting time nurturing leads that will never convert.

The following is a step-by-step guide to optimizing your sales funnel to close more sales and waste less time in the process.

How To Optimize Each Stage Of The Sales Funnel

1. Perfect Your Prospecting Process

In a perfect world, all browsers would convert to buyers. Unfortunately, that’s not ever going to be the case because, at the awareness stage, many browsers aren’t even sure of what they want to buy or if they will ever make a purchase at all. That said, by optimizing the awareness stage of the funnel, you can quickly weed out a few of the bad browsers. 

  • Know your target. A great salesperson can qualify a lead in less than a minute. They know their target market, where to find them, and the right questions to ask to ensure they are dealing with a future buyer, not a habitual-browser. 
  • Focus on the channels that deliver the most qualified leads. Where are your best leads coming from, and why? Then, focus on developing more of those channels to fill your funnel. 
  • Don’t push too hard too soon. Act as a concerned friend during the awareness stage. Show a genuine desire to help answer questions and solve problems. This time is not about pressing for a sale; the goal is to provide information. 
  • Encourage further engagement. Once you’ve qualified the lead, introduce ways to continue the conversation at a later time. Promise to follow up in a few days to answer questions and stick to that promise. It takes an average of four follow-up calls to close a sale, so don’t give up at the first ‘No’ from a qualified lead. They may just need a little more time to gather information,

FUN FACT: According to Salesforce, 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure a sales funnel. The same survey showed that a staggering 79% leads were never converted into sales. 

2. Ignite Instant Interest

The interest stage is the point where you have made the buyer’s shortlist, and they’ve returned for more information to make a decision. This is when your best elevator pitch is needed to set the stage. 

  • What sets you apart? Lead with why your product or service is a cut above the rest
  • Bring out the buzzwords. Think back to your best or even easiest sales, what were the buzz words that grabbed your prospects?  
  • Create informative content that answers questions. Sometimes a prospect is too busy to give even five minutes of their time, so having well-written, informative content to share they can review on their own time will go a long way towards keeping the prospect on the hook. This also opens the opportunity to follow up to answer questions.
  • Keep your funnel up-to-date. Staying organized is the key to keeping you and your follow-up calls and emails on track. The push from the interest stage down to the decision stage can require multiple points of contact. Maintaining your sales funnel updates will keep your follow-ups at regular intervals and give you a clear picture of where each lead is, and what steps are needed to nurture potential buyers. 

PRO TIP: Keeping your funnel updated is critical for maintaining a professional approach to your leads and follow-up intervals. Guessing will get you nowhere. PowerChord’s lead management platform offers easy one-click sales funnel update buttons embedded in automatically generated emails. It takes seconds, doesn’t require you to log in to a system or navigate through your sales log. These one-click actions ensure you spend time doing more of what’s important, closing sales. 

3. Drive the Decision

Minimize all friction during this stage. You’ve nurtured the lead through two challenging phases of your funnel, now is the time to drive the sale to the finish line. 

  • Provide first-person experiences. During this stage, information on your product is no longer necessary, that was covered in the previous stage. Now is the time to provide first-person reviews, testimonials & customer stories.
  • LEAVE NO ROOM FOR DOUBT! It’s critical that you discover what is blocking the sale from going through. What are the doubts or concerns? Don’t let them try to figure it out by comparing your product or service to a competitor, drive the conversation until all doubt is resolved.

4. Control the Close

Just like with the previous stage, this is not the time to relax and hope the sale closes itself. Sure, you’ve been a friend, informative, provided testimonials, and left no room for doubt, but the deal is not closed, and you need to find out why. Hopefully, the issue is they need a pen to sign on the dotted line, but, unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. 

  • Ask the tough questions. The sooner you realize what is holding the sale back from closing, the sooner you can overcome the hurdle. Ask the questions necessary to resolve the issue. 
  • Do not give up. You’ve gotten the prospect this far, they are definitely interested, it may be that patience is all that it will take to close the sale. Still, make sure you don’t leave the ball in their court: check-in as many times as necessary to close the deal.

5. Retain the Relationship

Depending on the average length of your typical sales cycle, you may be already trading holiday cards with your prospect by the time you close the sale. But for those shorter sales cycles, it’s still essential to go the extra mile to retain a good relationship with your prospect. After all, it’s much easier to sell to an existing client than a cold call. 

  • Conduct periodic check-ins. Set a calendar reminder to touch base with your prospects at least annually. 
  • Add customers to your company’s email newsletter to keep your product or service top of mind for possible recommendations to peers. 
  • Personalize the contact. Send an annual holiday card to top customers to remind them you are there and wish them well during the holidays and the new year. 

By optimizing each stage of your sales funnel, and understanding what tactic is needed during each phase, both you and potential customers will have a much smoother and enjoyable experience. Sales-funnel optimization will also reduce time wasted chasing browsers, leaving you more time to nurture actual buyers.   

To learn more about PowerChord’s sales funnel optimization tools, including SMS notifications and one-click funnel update capabilities included in our powerful lead management and distribution platform, request a demo today!

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