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As an independent retailer, much of your inventory is supplied by your brand partners. So your success can be tied to the success they have as a company and also experience some of their dilemmas such as low inventory and supply chain delays. Despite occasional inventory shortages, your brands are providing opportunities to grow your business and build a better partnership with you through the PowerChord program. 

Learn three ways your PowerChord co-branded dealer site benefits your business and how you can strengthen the valuable partnership you have with your brands. 

#1. Extend the value of national advertising campaigns.

Your brands budget and spend large amounts of marketing dollars to build awareness of their products and prospect new audiences to drive prospects into buyers. They have entire departments dedicated to researching and developing ads to attract their ideal consumers and draw a large following based on their brand. Your businesses directly benefit from these national campaigns because customers engage with the brand and then locate you, their nearest retailer, to purchase the product or service.  

  • Once the interested customer contacts you, you have an opportunity to do what you do best - talk with the customer to understand their needs, and help them select the best product for the job. Your expert advice will foster a relationship with this customer to build a long-term relationship.

#2. Connect with your local customers. 

Branded leads are hot leads. By the time they are filling out a form or contacting you, they are ready to get in touch with a local dealer and have a high level of interest in getting your product or service quickly. Consumers tend to spend weeks thinking and researching-on Google, the brand website, and more- the product they think they need. Your PowerChord site is designed to convert site visitors. Leads are sent directly to you via email with all the contact details you need to reach out to your lead with a great first impression. Close the loop by providing detailed information on your leads so we can continue to optimize our marketing efforts. 

  • Update lead statuses in Command Center to show when you are converting leads into sales. 
  • Provide lead feedback directly to your brand. 

#3. Simplify the customer journey in a world of advertising noise.

Do you know what happens in 60 seconds online? 60 seconds on the web in 2021 consists of more than 500 hours of content uploaded on YouTube, 695,000 stories shared on Instagram and nearly 70 million messages sent via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.¹

How do we cut through this noise to get in front of the right audience? Having a co-branded dealer page helps consumers get from the brand website and branded ads to your dealer site seamlessly. Having a similar look and feel to the brand confirms to visitors that you’re a trusted local dealer who can help them with their needs to get the specific product they are interested in purchasing. Take a few minutes to review the content on your PowerChord website. By uploading content and photos that best reflect your business, you can ensure that your customers receive accurate and relevant information from the brand, as well as compelling local content to make sure they choose you as their preferred local dealer. 

As in most business partnerships, it really flourishes when both parties are successful. By providing feedback on the leads you receive through your PowerChord dealer site, we can use this to enhance our program so your business can turn leads into long-lasting customers. 


written by

Kirstyn Cline

Kirstyn is Director of Client Service and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog.

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