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Did you know 80 Million Americans listen to at least one podcast each week? What's more impressive is that Apple currently hosts 2.4 million podcasts, with a combined total of 69 million episodes available to listen to in over 100 languages. And, since there is a podcast genre to suit every listener's needs, from children to seniors, it should come as no surprise that the total number of people tuning into a podcast is expected to double to 160 million by 2023. A great deal of the growth in Podcast listeners is attributed to Covid lockdowns, remote work, smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home in many homes allowing for ease of listening while working or lounging around the house, and most of all, podcasts are convenient. You can listen to a podcast just about anywhere; grocery store, gym, office, traffic jam, t-ball practice… 

Between the growing popularity of podcasts sweeping the globe and our love of podcasts here at PowerChord, it was a no-brainer that we should start a podcast. Being a martech company, we thought we'd stick with what we know and do best, and the rest, as they say, is history. Welcome to, Martech Talk: Strategies, Start-ups, and Standouts, published bi-weekly, and so far, our first few episodes have been incredibly well-received. It certainly helps that PowerChord's CEO, William 'Bill' Volmuth, was not only open to the idea of hosting the podcast, but he also has the voice and charisma needed to connect with listeners. 

Still, a great voice and charisma aside, we knew that if we had any chance of breaking through the noise of 2.4 million podcasts, PowerChord's podcast needed to have ultra-smart, talented, engaging guests at the top of their game to join Bill on the show. Thankfully, we've already succeeded in finding a bunch of awesome people from a broad range of industries excited about coming on the show to share their thoughts on trending Martech topics and offer pearls of wisdom from years of experience in their particular industry. 

Each episode also features our favorite segment, the Grumpy Martech Mailbag, where Martech employees from across the globe share the things that make them grumpy at work. If you want to join in the fun, please fill out our 100% anonymous form here, and we might even read it on-air. 

Our latest episode features InMarket's Co-CEO, Todd Morris, joining PowerChord's CEO, Bill Volmuth, to talk about consumer expectations and how marketers must work to not just meet consumers’ needs, but anticipate and exceed expectations. Learn how real-time, actionable intelligence enables you to understand how consumers are operating in the present—and the future! Learn about the growing importance for marketers to leverage real-time data to solve business challenges and build smarter, more effective strategies and investments that drive enhanced ROAS.

If you haven't had a chance to tune into PowerChord's Martech Talk podcast, you are missing out! Download an episode today on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsAmazon Music, or Spotify. 

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