November Newsletter

PowerChord Sales Team

As the calendar turns to November, and many set their sights on the Holidays ahead, PowerChord is reflecting on the many things we have to be thankful for. For starters, our European team has further solidified PowerChord as a major player in the international market by expanding our reach into the Middle East and Eastern Europe. 

PowerChord took home three Platinum MarCom awards for both our platform and team achievements. Our U.S sales team superstars covered another 20+ acres of trade show grounds at the Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE). Our product development team took SMS lead management to the next level, while the digital marketing team launched their biggest campaign of the year with great success. People and Culture won a platinum award for being the best of the best, and our finance team blew us away with two new NetSuite scripts. Oh, and there’s the company costume contest and pumpkin cheesecake to cheer about.


A huge congratulations goes out to everyone involved in the creation and continued success of our SaaS platform. Thanks to your hard work and determination, PowerChord won a Platinum Marcom award in the SaaS Microsite category. It’s nice to know the MarCom panel agrees with what we have known all along, our platform is the platinum standard for lead management

If you're wondering what makes us the Platinum standard for lead management, it’s because we never stop implementing new ways to keep our clients two-steps ahead of the competition. 

Here’s a recap of last month’s epic updates:

Not only does PowerChord deliver qualified leads at the speed of light, now we’ve made it possible for our dealers to manage those leads at the speed of light. 

Our platform now offers the ultimate lead management two-hit combo with SMS capabilities that increase time-to-contact and a One-Click Action email feature that keeps management informed in real-time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once a lead is received in the system, the customer’s contact information is instantly sent via SMS to the geographically appropriate salesperson. 
  • Then, PowerChord sends an email to the salesperson asking if the lead has been contacted. By simply clicking a button within the email, the salesperson can update the lead in the system. 

How's that for effortless lead generation, allocation, and tracking?

Lead Management

Our clients are already sending feedback on all the ways the SMS addition is helping their business. One of our clients even set up a dedicated landing page to encourage their dealers to implement the SMS feature. 

Stay tuned to learn about the next exciting features launching soon…


The PowerChord US team would like to take this time to send an epic congratulations and endless thank-yous across the pond to our European team for solidifying PowerChord as a major player in the International market. 

  • After months of hard work and dedication, the PowerChord platform is now operational in multiple companies in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The team's ability to stay calm and focused through the onboarding trials and triumphs, inspired the new client to sing their praises on multiple occasions directly to the head of our European offices. (Yay, team!) 
  • Our newest UK client is so pleased with the value-added to their home offices by our platform, they’re scaling the platform out to their remaining offices across Europe. (SCORE!)
  • To drive home proof that our European PowerLeaders are unstoppable, one of our largest international clients just gave the green light to implement the PowerChord platform to their remaining offices in over eleven different countries. (WOW! Just, WOW)

Danke für deine harte Arbeit, Victoria, Garbis, Patrick, & Sjoerd!



PowerChord’s fearless sales team tackled yet another major trade show in Louisville, Kentucky. This month our team went to the infamous Green Industry and Equipment Expo; the largest trade show in North America!

A special shoutout goes to one of our European PowerLeaders, Sjoerd. Thank you for flying to America to join us at the GIE expo. Watching you in action was a highlight of the show. We hope to see you back here soon!


PowerChord is incredibly proud of our Digital Marketing team for successfully launching one of our largest client’s fall promo campaigns. This initiative is one of Digital Marketing’s biggest initiatives of the year and they nailed it!  Bravo, team!


A huge shout-out goes to our finance team. In true PowerChord fashion, our clients asked for something, and our PowerLeaders immediately sought a solution. 

Our fabulous finance gurus worked around the clock to launch two new NetSuite scripts. One streamlines multiple invoices into one, and the other automates finance-related emails. What’s really cool is that these new programs greatly reduce the potential for human error, which is essential for company finances. 

It’s fair to say they knocked it out of the park like, Jorge Soler!


Just when we think we cannot be any more proud of our People and Culture team, they win TWO Platinum Marcom Awards!

  1.  PowerChord HR PowerLeaders - Category: Achievement | Team Achievement 
  1. QUIIC Values and DEI Culture Category: Strategic Communications | Marketing/Promotion Campaign | Benefits/HR

Quality + Unity + Integrity + Innovation + Collaboration = POWERCHORD

Innovation through collaboration, with integrity and unity, is the PowerChord way. PowerChord's employees are empowered to lean into QUIIC values in all they do. The high quality of work exhibited by PowerChord's workforce is proof QUIIC Values are a core focus that should be adopted in every organization.

Diversity + Equity + Inclusion = PowerChord

Mission Statement:

To foster diversity and inclusion within all parts of the PowerChord, Inc. organization; providing cultural awareness and professional development amongst all types of people and all members of PowerChord and the community. 


Congratulations to this month's Spotlight winner, Shelby Malvestuto!

Shelby tirelessly exhibits PowerChord's QUIIC values through her work ethic, integrity, and innovation through cross-departmental collaborations. Her attention to detail and can-do attitude ensures only the highest quality work comes from her team.

Last month, Shelby implemented three major marketing initiatives, assisted with 2022 budget forecasts for multiple departments, spearheaded a new company podcast, and to top it off, she organized two hugely successful back-to-back trade shows. 

Every day, in every way, Shelby leads by example through hard work, determination, and an unending drive to help her team succeed... even if that means standing in a trade show booth for eight hours greeting every exhibitor that walks by with a smile, and friendly, Hello!  

Ohmigosh, we so lucky to have her! Thank you, Shelby, for all you do! There are not enough words or ways to express our gratitude.


QUIIC Awards are given to employees who exhibit QUIIC characteristics in their work. Both leadership and peers can bestow a QUIIC award upon a deserving employee. During the month of October, eighty-one QUIIC awards were bestowed upon forty-one employees. 

A huge PowerChord thank you to our October award recipients; Adolphe, April, Ben, Blake, Brad, Brittney, Cali, Cambry, Dakota, Dale, Dana, DM, Ed, Eugene, Evan, GIE CREW, Jaclyn, Jacqueline, James, Josh, Kendall, Kim, Kirstyn, Layne, Mark, Matt, Matthew, Michael, Morgan, Nick, Pat, Patrick, Patty, Robert, Shelby, Sjoerd, Stephanie, Taylor, Tig, Toni, and Victoria!


This month People and Culture rounded up the team for a super fun costume contest. We have some seriously creative people on our team. Here are the winners:

Best Family Costume: Michelle
Cutest Pet Costume: Merri
Best Pair/Couple Costume: Taylor
Best Individual Costume:  Shelby
Most Creative Costume:  Patty


If you’re bored with traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, try this Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Pumpkin Cheesecake


We love our furry, and not so furry, friends! This month Jazz kept her mommy busy with lots of Jazz time... on her keyboard, standing on her head, hoping in her chair the second she got up... Cat people know how this goes. But, Jazz is an extra special cat. She has a superpower: The sound of her sweet purr will melt even the hardest of hearts.

Pet of the Month- Jazz

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