Time-to-Contact: An Unsung and Impactful KPI

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Importance Of Minimizing Time-To-Contact

Did you know cutting your time-to-contact from 30 to just five minutes after receiving a qualified lead (speedy, we know) leads to a staggering 21x increase in conversion success? Research indicates this trend continues from the moment the lead is generated until a potential customer loses interest and re-enters the larger market.

For example, companies that prioritize responding to leads within the first hour they’re generated will be seven times more successful than their competitors that wait two hours before jumping on the phone. 

Time-to-contact also makes an impact on customer experience. Nearly one in four consumers say first contact with a business is critical to their impression of the company. Even more consumers - a full 30% - say they’ll ditch one company for a competitor if too much time passes without being contacted. 

Enter, a Pandemic.

When Covid-19 had fully gripped the world and its economy, a seemingly overnight push toward digitization began rapidly, laying the groundwork for new sales, marketing, and customer service paradigms that fit our new normal. Even the most non-techy consumers moved online. Businesses around the globe braced themselves for catastrophic sales slumps in the face of the global disruption created by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The supply chain all but shut down for months. Inventory became stagnant. Store shelves went bare. 

We don't really have to tell you this. You were there. You lived it too. You may still be overcoming the serious gut-punch the pandemic delivered to so many. 

The only way to survive this new world meant immediately turning to eCommerce and online sales. Survival 100% depended on your online footprint and how well it was equipped to inform and convey your customers with very few human touchpoints along the way. The first-mover advantage was truly the make-or-break. 

From 2020 to 2022, eCommerce catapulted from an already impressive $657 billion industry to an industry rapidly approaching $900 billion. This single-year growth of nearly 30% pushed eCommerce’s five-year sales growth to a staggering 71.8%. For comparison, 2015 ended the year at less than $420 billion in online sales. 

PowerChord recognized this shift from brick and mortar to eCommerce almost immediately. After two decades of living and breathing Brand optimization, lead distribution, and lead management, we have ridden many tumultuous storms of uncertainty in the global environment. To us, new problems aren't just problems - they're opportunities to create new solutions that adapt and evolve with the ever-shifting business landscape. 

Within six months, we had tested and implemented the solution: Rapid Response Lead Delivery was designed to drastically decrease time-to- contact to maximize conversions.

This new proprietary feature allowed our lead distribution capabilities to quickly, securely, and reliably deliver qualified leads across our Brands’ global markets to the geographically correct independent dealer’s smartphone via SMS with the lead’s contact information. All within mere seconds of lead capture to reduce time-to-contact to maximize conversion potential. After all, studies show 78% of sales go to the first person to contact a lead.

The Future of SMS Lead Delivery 

Research shows a majority of eCommerce marketers say SMS channels have significantly or overwhelmingly increased revenue generation for their companies.

And yet, the same study revealed only half of the surveyed eCommerce marketers felt their SMS strategies beat out “average” when rating the sophistication of their SMS channel and strategies. 

In short, eCommerce and online sales forces know SMS works. 

But finding the time, expertise, and funds to create, integrate, and optimize a robust SMS delivery system that reliably and securely distributes leads in seconds is a tall order that most busy in-house marketing and sales teams simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle. 

Enter, Powerchord.

Our proprietary system provides unmatched access to near-instant SMS lead delivery while removing the onus from businesses to create, implement, and maintain an expensive in-house lead delivery system, let alone one with an automatic SMS delivery system. 

Our all-in-one SMS solution allows businesses to easily and efficiently empower their sales forces with a new and compelling tool that drives higher conversion rates and revenue

To learn more about how PowerChord can help your business minimize time-to-contact and drive conversions, book a free demo today!

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