Turn Qualified Leads into Customer Relationships

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One of the challenges businesses face is converting leads into sales. Marketing dollars have been spent attracting consumers to your business. Despite this investment in time and resources, research shows only half of all leads are actually contacted. Capitalize on the momentum of your marketing tactics by implementing lead management best practices to significantly impact your sales.

Step 1: Fast Response is Crucial

When a customer fills out your lead form, they are ready to take the next big step in their purchasing journey. They've done enough research to take an interest in your product and are ready to hear from you!

Did you know the best time to respond to a lead is within 5 minutes? Marketers who follow up with web leads within 5 minutes are 9 times more likely to convert them.¹ Quick follow-up keeps the customer engaged and continues building on the customer experience showing them you want their business. Otherwise, you may lose them to the competition.

Quick Tips! Respond to every lead. It's important for you to qualify the lead and determine the interest level of each potential customer. This is an important time to share valuable information about your product or service and assist the customer in making a purchase decision.

Personalize the response. Today's consumer expects a high level of personalization. Targeting leads with relevant and personalized communications will boost conversion.

Step 2: Implement a Follow-Up ProcessI

It's important to have a defined strategy for following up on leads. You don't want to miss out on any opportunities by not following up promptly or forgetting entirely. Having a strategy provides structure and gives your sales team a guide to get leads to convert. Timing is everything, and similarly, with sales - you don't always know the exact time when your prospect will be ready to buy. Establishing consistent outreach guarantees your presence is felt when the right time comes along. You may consider investing in a CRM if you haven't already - this way you can keep follow-up dates, detailed notes on the consumer and even re-engage them at a later date.

Quick Tip! Follow up diligently. If you cannot follow up right away, make sure to reach out as soon as possible. Your prospect may not be ready to buy after the first time you've contacted them. You'll need to experiment to find the best way to show them you want their business and that your product or service is right for them.

Provide valuable content. Share information your customers may not have been privy to during their initial research stage. They've contacted you and seem interested in your product or service; it's important to continue providing information about why your product is the best choice for their needs.

Make sure to track what practices are successful! Reflect on what processes you use today and how you can fine-tune them to your customer base and improve your team's performance. Removing any friction in your engagement and follow-up process builds momentum to get your flywheel spinning and growing your business. The better overall experience your customers have, the more likely they will turn into repeat customers. Use these best practices to convert your leads into life-long sales relationships!¹Source:

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Kirstyn Cline

Kirstyn is Director of Client Service and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog.

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