Use Customer Experience to Stand Out From the Competition

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By connecting with your customers, providing valuable information, and embracing innovation, your business can stand out from the competition, attract customers, and gain market share.

Connect with Local Consumers

Following government guidelines, people may not be visiting stores as often, but that doesn't mean they aren't shopping; consumers are still researching and shopping online. Use every channel available so consumers can find information about your store. In addition to providing current information on your business website, you can also closely manage your social media, Facebook Business Page, and Google My Business listing. Today’s consumer journeys are complex – visibility is paramount to engaging new and repeat customers.

Provide Educational Content

There's value in providing educational content that consumers can easily digest to make an informed decision. Providing quick access to information can drive consumers to make purchases sooner and also show that you’re a local trusted resource on the subject. Educational topics can include maintenance suggestions, tips and tricks on products, DIY projects, and more. Now’s a perfect time to create and implement educational sources of your own. Some ideas to share your educational content:

  • Create email templates for your most commonly sold products or services. When customers contact you, you can quickly deliver personalized content.
  • Highlight your expertise by updating your website to include a small blurb on how you’re a trusted partner in your local community.

Embrace Innovation

Curbside services. Contactless Delivery. Virtual Classes. These are just some of the ways businesses are redefining their customer experience and helping them continue operating, but it’s also helping them to stand out from their competition. You don’t have to come up with anything over the top to ‘wow’ your consumers. Think carefully about some of your customers’ pain points and leverage innovation to improve them. The key is to make these new processes long-lasting – consumer behaviors and expectations are always evolving. Develop a business plan to keep the customer at the center of your business for future growth. Here are a few ways to embrace innovation at your business (all you need is a smartphone):

  • Create a tutorial video featuring tips and tricks relevant to your industry
  • Offer virtual demos of your products
  • Provide contactless services
  • Implement surveys and giveaways

Ultimately, understanding your consumers and their shopping habits is key to delivering unforgettable customer experience. Take the time to assess your customers’ expectations, any pain points they may have, and how you can improve on these. And don’t be afraid to look at how other companies are staying in front of their customers for inspiration!

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written by

Kirstyn Cline

Kirstyn is a Partner Engagement Specialist and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog.

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