Your Guide to Social Advertising

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With billions of users, social advertising is a critical channel to your digital marketing strategy. Not only is it an efficient use of your budget, but it also helps increase overall engagement and conversions from your consumers. Social advertising allows you to target audiences based on people’s interests, age, gender, used devices, location, and behaviors, allowing you to reach your ideal audience for your products or services. With social media’s targeting abilities, you can display relevant ads to the right group, increasing engagement, traffic, and conversion on your site. As consumers scroll through their news feeds, clickable ads are presented seamlessly to users, focused on building awareness of your business, driving them directly to your dealer site, or completing a lead form within the ad. For Facebook, there are two different ad types that can be used: traffic versus lead ads.

Facebook Traffic Ads

Not all of your site traffic is going to come directly from search. Utilizing social ads, specifically Facebook Traffic ads, can help increase your inbound traffic. An ad is displayed in the user’s social media feed and once clicked, they are brought directly to your site. This approach is a great way to improve awareness of your business among your local community and new prospects as they begin to see your business name. Your business will be top of mind when they begin researching and continue as they move into the consideration stage. A key step to this strategy is ensuring that your site has clear calls-to-action for site visitors to complete, whether it be product research at the local level, click-to-call for immediate contact or complete a lead form.

Pro tip: Location, Location, Location!

Build awareness of your business through targeted geographic reach. Ads can display for your local Facebook users with a maximum radius of 50 miles around your business.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads allow for quick lead conversion without ever leaving Facebook. For this path, consumers are presented with your ad, and once clicked, a lead form pops up for the user to complete. Although the majority of personal information is auto-populated based on their user profile, additional questions can be included to further qualify the lead. Facebook Lead Ads may attract customers who are in the early shopping phase and are looking for additional research to help them make a purchase decision. The questions included in the lead form can help guide you to provide the information the customer needs to move closer to a final sale.

Pro-tip: Social Retargeting!

Use lead ads to retarget consumers who have previously clicked on social traffic ads to drive them to get in touch with your business. Don’t lose out on an effective marketing strategy-work with your brands to participate in local marketing packages, which often include social media placed on your behalf.

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Kirstyn Cline

Kirstyn is Director of Client Service and a contributing columnist to the PowerChord blog.

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