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In our last blog, we provided an overview of digital trends that have been gaining momentum among brands and their dealer networks.  Today, we are expanding on one of those trends: the Clicks to Bricks movement.   The Clicks to Bricks Movement If you are unfamiliar with the term, the Clicks to Bricks movement refers […]

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Is your brand ready for these five dealer marketing trends? Marketing brands turn to PowerChord for innovative solutions to work with their dealer network.  We’ve taken note of what is happening in the industry, what we’ve seen working for our clients, and where technology is taking us.  Here to maintain our reputation as your reliable […]

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“One of the things that is really nice about the PowerChord sites is that when we’re running a brand campaign, we can bring it all the way down to the individual PowerChord dealership.” Jackson D’Armond, STIHL INCORPORATED, USA

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