We Beat Industry Averages By Up To 80%

PowerChord’s average email engagement metrics continue to outperform industry averages by 60-80%.

Partner-up with a solution that provides personalized messages for each user based on their location. Harness the power of your locations and ensure you’re increasing local conversion rates by targeting users with the right message at the right time.

For every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return. Let’s get your promotional offers, discount codes, new products, company updates, and content posts into a creative and varied campaign today.

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“For Every $1 spent on email marketing,
$44 is made in return.”

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Unlock The Power of The #1 Marketing Channel for ROI

Nurture local leads through branded, personalized email content to keep in touch, educate, encourage repeat purchases, and foster brand loyalty with the #1 marketing channel on earth.

Leverage your customer base with a full suite of email solutions including creative/content assistance, list building, management, email sending, reporting, optimizing to goals and full CAN-SPAM compliance.

Our emphasis on localization and intent-based targeting are beating the industry standards for campaign returns year-over-year.

Email Campaigns PowerChord Specializes In

Promotional Sales

Provide personalized messages that talk about offers and sales that are self-promotional

Relational Information

Give subscribers what you promised with relevant information in the form of newsletters, free gifts, and more.

Transaction Confirmations

Rely on timely messages such as subscriber sign-ups, welcome notes, order confirmations, and more!

Boost Engagement, Nurture, & Re-Engage Customers

The first question to ask yourself about email is: What are my goals?

Whether you want to welcome new subscribers, boost engagement, nurture existing customers, or re-engage existing customers – PowerChord has the solution that fits your desire.

Team up with PowerChord to launch communication for a welcome series, browser abandonment, shopping cart abandonment, completed purchases, monthly newsletters, events, holiday greetings, birthday greetings, and product anniversaries.

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