We Beat Industry Averages By Up To 200%

PowerChord’s Facebook digital marketing beat industry averages for conversion rates by up to 200%.

Partner-up with a solution that understands the unique needs of multi-location brands and franchises especially when it comes to social ad campaigns.

With our emphasis on localization and intent-based targeting, you can consistently beat industry standards for cost per click and cost per acquisition YoY.

Two iPhones stacked against each other with a sample advertisement on facebook showing a local gym.
Pew Research Center

“79% of people online use Facebook”

Harness The Power of Localized Social Marketing

Raise brand awareness, improve brand recognition, and grow your market share capabilities with PowerChord.

Leverage your customer base with social media marketing including 1 to 1 budget allocation, creative tagging, and geo-targeting that converts. 

Our emphasis on localization and intent-based targeting are beating the industry standards for campaign returns year-over-year with an average cost-per-click that is 44% lower than the industry average. 

Social Advertising With PowerChord

Boost Local Leads

Attract, engage, and convert with Facebook lead ads and form fills

Increase Purchases

Reach your targeted audience and track platform conversions through Facebook Ads

Build Awareness

Grow your brand and market share with social display ads

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Unlock The Mecca of Consumer Intent

With social ads you can target audiences that are statistically more likely to have the intent to purchase your product or service.

Whether you want to provide brand awareness, grow lead generation, or increase sales – social advertising meets the needs of multi-location businesses perfectly because it will make users familiar with your brand when they do end up in the high-intent bucket.

Team up with PowerChord to provide 1-to-1 budget allocation (unlike paid search), tag creative remarketing for locations, deep link to product pages, and match targets to local prospects similar to others who have converted in that area.

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