Always Work With World-Class Advertisers

Rely on PowerChord’s partner network of the world’s largest digital advertisers to scale your most successful media channels. Grow your brand-controlled marketing campaigns with the most relevant local ad content for each shopper.

  • Boost online awareness for all your locations
  • Personalize store ads based on geographic location
  • Drive qualified traffic to targeted online destinations

Interpret Local Store Performance

We provide user-friendly reporting and analytics that allow you to easily interpret how your campaigns are performing across your local websites.

Rolling unique location data up into overarching brand dashboards provides in-depth visibility into your stores, local websites, and digital marketing campaigns – providing a 360-degree view of all your local marketing efforts.

Swing The Doors Open For Each Location

With a 500% growth in “buy near me” mobile searches, location matters more than ever. With PowerChord, you can boost your online awareness for all your location and drive qualified traffic to targeted destinations.

  • Drive online traffic into in-store visitors
  • Personalize store ads based on geographic location
  • Attribute local sales and quantify digital ad impact

Join Innovative Summits With Industry Leaders

PowerChord hosts a biennial Digital Summit as a client forum to explore the latest in digital marketing innovation. Clients come in from around the world to listen to a speaker lineup of experts in online experiences, digital strategy, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and location-based marketing, among others.



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