A Multi-Location CMS Unlike Any Other

A powerful content management system that puts you in the driver seat. View, customize, and manage all of your sites from a single, centralized dashboard. 

  • Single sign-on to give you master control over all your sites
  • Hundreds of API integrations with leading online applications
  • Access to local dashboards and lead generation reporting
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Unlimited Scaling For Your Global Network

Empower your retail network to compete and win in today’s digital world by providing fully branded, local websites to all of your locations.

Our software connects shoppers directly to your stores – bypassing competitors and expediting the local path to purchase.

  • Manage and edit your entire network using a single platform
  • Replicate your branded website to every location
  • Leverage location-based functionalities to drive in-store visits

Optimize Your Entire Path to Purchase

Automate the manual tasks that are currently holding back your business with our proprietary multi-location solutions.

  • Target shoppers the moment they’re looking to purchase
  • Engage shoppers with relevant, local ad content branded your way
  • Capture shoppers during “where to buy” or “store near me” moments
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Grasshopper Mowers

“With PowerChord we saw lead volume, lead quality and sales go up – with losses to competitors go down.”

“We’ve also seen that dealers participating in the PowerChord Program receive over 500% more leads than non-participating dealers. It makes an obvious difference.”​​​​​​​

– Mike Simmon, Marketing Communications @ The Grasshopper Company


Frequently Asked Questions

You have specific goals and objectives in mind, and we will focus our attention on the channels most likely to achieve those goals.

From paid search, email and social to generate targeted sales leads, to display and video channels to build location awareness, PowerChord has a fully certified digital marketing team dedicated to optimizing your digital marketing investments across your network of locations.

And with the PowerChord platform, we can track online visitors from their initial ad click through to the website visit, giving you a 360-degree view of your customers’ online journey.

Our expertise is focused on building a strong local presence for your locations, and integrating with other tools to allow you to build a “digital ecosystem” for your marketing needs.

Whether that is Salesforce, Hubspot, Blogger or others, if they have an API, we can provide an integration.*



*Additional fees may apply.

Highly qualified sales leads are the lifeblood of most businesses, and the PowerChord platform is designed to convert website visitors into potential buyers.

Gone are the days when a consumer contacts one of your locations, and you have no insight into that lead.

With the PowerChord platform, you will be able to track and measure the number of leads (including form submissions, clicks to call and get directions requests), follow-up to ensure the lead has been contacted, and measure sales close rates.

PowerChord follows WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) regarding ADA compliance, and will ensure that your sites meet these criteria at the launch of your websites.

PowerChord also provides ongoing monitoring* to ensure that new content you add maintains compliance.



*Additional fees may apply.

We’ve worked with thousands of business owners, and we know that communication is key to maximize the value of this program.

PowerChord offers an onboarding and training program called PowerChord Connect. Through a series of webinars, emails and even in-person meetings, we will educate your sales team and your locations about the features, benefits and tools available to them through the PowerChord platform.

Technology is changing at the speed of light, and PowerChord is dedicated to staying in front of these trends.

While some trends may quickly fade, others will be poised to make a major impact on your business. Consider VSO (voice search optimization) and the implications of this new consumer behavior. PowerChord will help make sure you stay ahead of the curve to keep your business growing into the future.

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