PowerChord Launches Voice Engine Optimization Services to Dominate Search

PowerChord is excited to announce the addition of voice search features into their multi-location digital platform for global brands. These enhancements are a significant part of the company’s long-term strategy to provide current and future Voice Engine Optimization (VEO) experiences in the rapidly growing local digital economy.With 50% of all online searches expected to be driven by voice in 2020 and 40% of adults using voice search at a minimum of once every day – VEO is revolutionizing the customer search strategy. Smartphones and home assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, are now connecting users with information on the go and in the comfort of their own homes more than ever before.And with Google’s recent Beta release, the means for voice search queries to pull answers from websites when users initiate a voice search are now also available.As one of the Top Google Technology Solution Providers according to Mirror Review, this year PowerChord is poised to become a first adopter of VEO through their vast network of more than 10,000 local websites.The SaaS company, who provides local Digital Storefronts and Digital Marketing services to manufacturers and franchises networks, recognizes voice search as a powerful investment in how brands will not only communicate with customers but also how they’ll compete for industry market share.PowerChord expects to offer VEO across their local digital experiences starting in Q4 of 2018. Their services will offer the opportunity to win voice search as the authority for the brand, resulting in a stronger digital presence and growth in online to in-store visits.“VEO is the next step in the evolution of search from desktop to mobile to voice”, said PowerChord President, Steven Roth. “Brands need to leverage VEO to ensure they provide authoritative answers to questions about their products and services.”Roth, a former Group Product Manager at Google, provides a unique insight and strong vision to the future of PowerChord’s VEO services based on his experience at Google improving the standards that power voice search.PowerChord CEO, Lanny Tucker added, “Innovation has always been the primary engine behind our global platform and a critical component to the success of our clients. Voice searches are steadily increasing and with VEO only offering one answer for every search, there’s more opportunity than ever to deliver solutions that heighten brand awareness and drive market share for our clients around the world.”

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