October Newsletter

What’s Happening at PowerChord This Month

Happy Fall, Y’all!

2021 may be winding down, but PowerChord sure is not! Team PowerChord is determined to close the year stronger than ever. September brought significant advancements to the PowerChord platform, two new PowerLeaders, an article in Forbes, and a wildly successful trip to the Utility EXPO. The People & Culture team launched initiatives to nurture a corporate culture rich in diversity, inclusion, and equity - including adding three new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). 

And that’s not all! There’s Spotlight and QUIIC awards, and the best Fall Family Festival (EVER!) to brag about, too.

PowerChord Platform News

New PowerLeaders

Patrick Calcagno

Senior Paid Search Specialist

With nearly a decade of digital marketing experience, Patrick’s wealth of knowledge in all things Search Engine Marketing has already added immeasurable value to his team. Patrick is so good, in his first week with the company he got a QUIIC award shoutout. Welcome and well done, Patrick!

April McCormick

Marketing Content Specialist

April’s two decades of advertising, marketing and publishing experience is a welcomed addition to the Corporate Marketing team. It’s not every day you get to add an internationally recognized, award-winning blogger, writer, and author to your team. April’s work has been published in over fourteen countries and multiple languages. Welcome, April. We can’t wait to read your work!

PowerLeader Shoutouts


PowerChord Sales Team

A huge shoutout goes to Paige, Suzy, John, Josh, J.P, Lee, and Brad for covering 30+ acres of show ground at the 2021 UTILITY EXPO. Our fearless sales team walked every inch of the Utility Expo to meet potential clients, conduct countless demos, and highlight the many ways PowerChord is helping our clients with lead management, dealer tracking, and how we keep pesky competitors out of their sales funnel.

Thanks, team. We are truly grateful for your hard work! We can’t wait to see you in action at the GIE+EXPO. 

If you want to meet our sales team and get a free demo, visit us at the GIE+EXPO! We’ll be at booth #10062.

People & Culture

There are not enough words or ways to express our deep gratitude for our People & Culture team. Their hard work and commitment to making PowerChord an incredible place to work shines through in everything they do.

During the month of September, People & Culture rolled out new initiates to foster an environment rich in diversity, equity, and inclusion - including adding three new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)!


Corporate Culture

MISSION STATEMENT: Foster diversity and inclusion within all parts of the PowerChord, Inc. organization; providing cultural awareness and professional development amongst all types of people and all members of PowerChord and the community.


MISSION STATEMENT: Create a sense of equity and belonging amongst all workers within our teams.


Employee Resource Groups are groups of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences to enhance their professional careers, the careers of others, and their communities.


ERGs will bring awareness of different cultures, mindsets, and life experiences to PowerChord; helping to build our diversity and promote an inclusive workplace


Quality, Unity, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration

QUIIC Awards are given to employees who exhibit QUIIC characteristics in their work. Both leadership and peers can bestow a QUIIC award upon a deserving employee. The best part, aside from the HUGE confidence boost, the entire company sees the recognition and offers their congratulations. This has been a wonderful tool in keeping the company united and engaged during Covid-19 lockdowns and remote-only work.

During the month of September, forty-seven QUIIC shoutouts were awarded to thirty-one employees!  A huge PowerChord thank you to our September award recipients: April, Bill, Blake, Brittney, Cambry, Courtney, Dana, Jenny, Joanna, John, Kim, Kirstyn, Layne, Lucy, Mark, Matt, Merri, Michael, Michelle, Morgan, Nick, Patrick L., Patrick R., Patty, Reid, Ryan, Shanna, Stephanie, Suzy, Taylor, and Tommy!

Cambry Lichtenberger, is this month's Spotlight Award recipient for going above and beyond our expectations and embodying our QUIIC core values in everything she does. Congratulations, Cambry! We see you. We appreciate you. Thank you for being, YOU!

Community Outreach

9/11 Day of Service & Remembrance Hosted by United Way Suncoast

PowerChord Employees volunteered to help with a variety of beautification projects at Bay Pines, a Veteran-centered, integrated health organization ensuring excellent health outcomes via care service, coordination, research, and education; an organization where people choose to work; an engaged community partner; and responsive to National emergencies.

Fall Family Festival

After eighteen months of Covid-19 lockdowns, social distancing and remote work, the time finally came for the PowerChord family to come together. On the most beautiful Saturday afternoon in October, PowerChord took over Demens Landing to put-on the best Fall Family Festival imaginable. Both local and remote team members from around the country showed up with family and fur-babies in tow to play games, win awesome prizes, eat yummy fall foods, indulge in tasty libations and dance to great music. And did we ever!!! 

Company Festival

A HUGE thank you goes to Patty and Blake for making this first annual Fall Family Festival a HUGE success. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!.

PowerChord Book Club

This month, team PowerChord explored the five principles outlined in, THE LEAN STARTUP, by Eric Ries.

5 Principles of Lean Startups

  • Entrepreneurs are everywhere
  • Entrepreneurship is management
  • Validated learning
  • Innovation Accounting
  • Build-Measure-Learn

PowerChord Cooking Club

This month’s recipe comes from our product team leader, Suzy Tramontelli. Get ready to become the baker you never knew you could be with this ultra yummy, super easy Bon Appétit Magazine inspired recipe forNo-Knead Focaccia Bread.

Pet of the Month

Meet, Penelope, the cutest Corgi you will ever encounter. She never stops smiling and loves nothing more than keeping her mommy, Taylor, on her toes!

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