Automate. Allocate. Validate.

  You pay for the leads.
  Shouldn’t you get to know
the outcome?


Automate your lead generation channels to feed into one streamlined funnel to effectively eliminate human error and increase sales.
PowerChord's powerful platform seamlessly integrates with your current lead generating sources to automatically capture, allocate, and track leads through their lifecycle.


Allocate newly generated leads within seconds of capture via email and SMS to minimize time-to-contact and maximize sales. There's no need for spreadsheets or trying to figure out which dealer in your network should receive the lead. You set the delivery parameters ahead of time to ensure accurate delivery every time.


Validating your marketing spend and ROI has never been easier. Real-time analytic reports provide clear visibility into sales funnels across your entire network. Easily validate organizational performance, marketing efforts, seasonal or geographic campaign success, and learn which members in your network are achieving the most sales.


Protect the Leads You Pay For

You paid for the leads. Shouldn’t you get to know the outcome? PowerChord automatically syncs with your existing lead generating channels to capture, distribute and track qualified leads through the pipeline. Each new lead is immediately routed within seconds of capture via SMS and email to a predetermined dealer in your network. From that point, you’ll have access to reports outlining the customer’s journey through the sales cycle, along with a clear snapshot of how individual dealers honor your leads, initiatives, and brand.


Increase Sales Conversions

Studies show leads are twenty-one times more likely to convert to sales when contacted within five minutes of the lead being generated. PowerChord makes it possible to contact a new lead within seconds of generation. The system then tracks the lead’s progress to ensure no lead goes unturned with follow-up email reminders and easy one-click updates to maintain funnel accuracy.


Complete Sales Funnel Transparency

Your brand has a vision for how products should be positioned and sold by dealers in your network. The problem is you don’t have time to micro-manage every detail, nor do you want to. PowerChord provides micro-management level insights into what’s happening at the dealer level so you can enjoy complete transparency into each sales funnel across your entire network. Easily check which demographic region is getting the most leads, which partner in your dealer network is converting leads into sales, and which products are in the highest demand at any given time.


Validate Marketing and Lead Generation Efforts

PowerChord’s easy-to-use analytics dashboard provides real-time answers to the questions that matter most, like “What’s the current marketing campaign’s ROI” or“How well are digital efforts working to drive home the Brand’s vision?” No more guessing or creating drawn-out spreadsheets to decipher how well your marketing and sales efforts are working towards your KPI’s.


Control the Flow of Information

Access to information and areas within the PowerChord system is fully customizable and can be granted and removed in seconds. You maintain control over who has access to information, reports, and analytics. With the click of a button, you can provide upper-level management access to the whole picture, while restricting individual dealers to information only relevant to their location. For example, you can group regional dealers to provide information regarding seasonal promotions, then ungroup them when the promotion ends.


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