expectations vs reality

Expectations vs. Reality: Career Edition

Right now, one of my favorite hashtags is #ExpectationVsReality.

1980s casette

How the 80s Unlocked the Future of Voice Search

If you haven't heard, voice-driven interactions are the next big thing of 2019-2020.

Atlanta Falcon Stadium

The 2019 Super Bowl – An Epic Example of How Digital Increases ROI

At the risk of becoming the (m)asshole that can’t help herself from writing about a championship…

wall-e humans

CES 2019: Tech Trends for the Lazy

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for convenience.

Uncertainty ahead sign

The Career Advice We All Owe Ourselves

When my boss first asked me to write about something “close to the heart”, I couldn’t help but…

4 Brands that Realize the Potential of Augmented Reality

I remember when the thought of AR seemed like a pipe dream - something we thought could only be…


The Technology That Has PowerChord Most Excited for 2019

This time of year always feels like the ultimate Friday - except instead of a weekend full of…

google local service ads

Google Local Service Ads: A Look at the Consumer Perspective

It’s that time of year at my household. The Christmas tree is up. The cupboard is stocked with hot…


Top Digital Marketing Strategies for the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is officially in full swing and sales are expected to be up 4.1% in…

black friday ad

Black Friday: Past, Present, & Future Retail Outrageousness

There seems to be differing beliefs about how Black Friday started. Personally, I never questioned…


A Tribute to our PowerChord Veterans

When I started this article, I knew we had several veterans in the PowerChord office - but what I…