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FEATURED CONTENTCase Study: The 2017 National
Dealer Network Report

Download PowerChord’s annual industry analysis, where we audited the digital trends of more than 200 dealer websites and identified how today’s major brands are represented online across their local dealer networks.

Read the case study and see how brands are stacking up at the local level when it comes to brand control, online visibility, and providing a consistent online consumer experience.


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Multi-Location Industry Publications

The Power of Digital Proximity

How do you align your distribution network with solutions that bridge online marketing efforts with local store searches – read our strategies for setting your dealers up for success.


How to Use Digital to Drive Local Dealer Sales

A top ten list of non-negotiable digital truths to compete during local “where to buy” moments. Guarantee your brand captures mindshare when & where customers are shopping.


Grow Your Business With These Five Digital Trends

With the majority of customers researching online, it’s vital to have a strong online presence. Read our recommendations for the top five digital strategies that deserve your consideration.


Personalization Is The New King

Content has been king, but personalized content is taking its place – how to use data, online tools, and timing to attract and engage shoppers with personalized brand messaging.


The Consumer Driven Frictionless Economy

With endless buying options at their fingertips, consumers no longer have to settle for subpar online experiences – here’s how to ensure your digital brand is winning locally.


How to Drive More Sales Through Your Dealer Network

A must read for brands that rely on a dealer network to sell their products – learn how to optimize your local online presence during the most critical points of the path to purchase.