Customer Experience

Create a locally-tailored brand experience that helps customers and dealers connect.

A Multi-Location CMS Unlike Any Other

You can cut the copying and pasting. The PowerChord platform’s powerful content management system respects your brand’s hierarchy. Our platform allows you to make a change to one site and propagate it out from a single, centralized platform to a division, a whole region, or your entire network—even in different languages.


Single sign-on to give you master control over all your sites


Integrations available for thousands of third-party applications


Access site management tools, lead management functionality, and reporting

Create Total Brand Consistency

Stop sending shoppers from your carefully-curated brand site to local reseller sites that feature your competition.


Eliminate confusion and shopper frustration that stems from product inconsistencies— manage your entire product catalog across your network in one spot


Guide shoppers to location-specific websites that match your brand and make it easy to connect with their local resellers


Keep store-specific inspiration accurate by allowing your network to maintain store hours, logo, location-specific pricing, and other customizations

Simplify Your Shopper's Journey By Making Each Step Cohesive

Shepherd your shoppers through every step in your sales process—customized to any campaign you can think up.


Target shoppers with digital ads featuring collateral specific to your campaign


Drop shoppers on a dealer locator with matching collateral that allows them to search by city or ZIP code for participating locations


Spin up unlimited campaign-specific landing pages with content to match, and capture leads attributed to those campaigns




Our Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can PowerChord help my locations grow their businesses?

With the PowerChord platform, each dealer gets a website that features only your brand and can be customized to their local markets. Your team will be able to track and measure the number of leads (including form submissions, clicks to call and get directions requests), follow-up to ensure the lead has been contacted, and measure sales close rates.

How does PowerChord help me identify trends and opportunities?

Think of each of your dealer sites as a digital storefront - PowerChord gives you full visibility into how each of those storefronts is performing!

Through integrated reporting, see which locations, pages, calls-to-action, and products are generating the most leads. Use that information to optimize how you're selling.

PowerChord also gives you insights into where shoppers are searching for dealers, helping you to identify markets that are unserved or underserved by your footprint.

And if you opt to partner with PowerChord for digital marketing, our team here will work with you to keep your campaigns updated and relevant. There's a lot to account for in marketing strategy these days these days - consider increasingly online sales trends and voice-operated personal assistants.

Does PowerChord integrate with other marketing tools?


Your hard work shouldn't go to waste! If you've invested in a tool that works for you, let's connect it with the PowerChord Platform.

We offer integration* with thousands of different third-party applications.

*Additional fees may apply.

Are PowerChord sites ADA compliant?

PowerChord follows WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) regarding ADA compliance, and will ensure that your sites meet these criteria when they launch.

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