Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

Generate leads and connect with local audiences on every platform.

Global Tactics, Applied Locally

When consumers shop for your products, they’re conducting detailed online research, weighing their options, and comparing you against your competitors. Make sure that when they’re looking, you’re the first brand—and the best brand—they see.


Centralized digital marketing strategy


Target and convert consumers searching for products and services locally


Scalable approach across platforms that drives conversions locally

Paid Search & Social Advertising

Making your digital footprint search engine ready is so much more than sticking keywords on a page and boosting a post on social media. We provide scalable, actionable tactics for advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms with local leads in mind.


Enhanced targeting with dealer location tagging to support lead generation campaigns


PowerChord paid search brings in 52% higher CTRs than industry benchmarks


PowerChord paid social increases conversion rates by as much as 200%

Display & Video Advertising

Photos, video, and audio help your brand stand out across the web. Impactful visuals and laser-focused local targeting help boost conversion rates and brand engagement.


Enhance multichannel strategy with powerful visuals


Create, place, and leverage visual ad formats to improve brand recall


PowerChord display ads beat benchmark click-through rates by 22%

Dealer-tagged remarketing

Remarketing helps ensure that your first impression isn’t your only one, serving ads to customers that have demonstrated an interest in your brand. We take it one step further with local dealer tagging, making sure that customers are connecting with the specific locations in their area where they’ll be able to make a purchase.


Capitalize on moments of intent and lost purchases


Serve specific offers to previously qualified leads


Connect customers directly to their local dealership

Our Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What role does digital marketing play in my PowerChord strategy?

Your PowerChord sites are optimized to help you collect and convert leads - but they can only do this if there is traffic being directed to those sites.

Digital marketing pushes interested shoppers to their local dealer's site - using any number of methods.

If you've got a digital marketing team in-house, or if you work with an agency to do your digital marketing - then you're all set! If not, PowerChord offers digital marketing services as a complement to the Platform.

How does PowerChord generate leads for my locations?

Our client services specialists work directly with your dealers for a smooth onboarding process. We then tailor digital marketing campaigns with layered location targeting that drives local leads to your dealers branded site.

Does PowerChord support multichannel lead generation?

Of course!

When marketing your products, you need to be seen. It's all about being in the right place at the right time.

So whether you market on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, PowerChord is here to aggregate leads from those sources and make sure your shoppers are connected with a local reseller to close the sale.

What types of digital marketing services do you provide?

PowerChord is a lead gen powerhouse offering a wide array of digital marketing services that complement the PowerChord platform. These include: Paid Search, Paid Social, Display Advertising, Localized Marketing, and Video Advertising.

I have a digital media agency already. Do I need PowerChord too?

PowerChord encourages collaboration with other digital media agencies! The services we provide are a complement to most agencies, thus delivering even more value to the client. Most brands work with PowerChord because of our experience with multi-networks and local marketing. PowerChord’s expertise in lower-funnel lead gen on a local level, delivering high ROI on your marketing spend, works well with other agency services.

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