Digital Solutions for Brands with Dealer Networks

Hyper-Targeted Display Advertising

When it comes to online shopping, website visitors who are retargeted by online display ads are 70% more likely to convert.

Hyper-targeted online strategies such as local audio, video and display advertising, along with retargeting ads increase the visibility of brand-controlled dealer marketing – staying in front of customers, reclaiming lost opportunities, and optimizing the dealer-to-consumer experience for the exact profile of consumers known to purchase.


Consumer Engagement Platform

Hyper-Local Display Advertising Services

Online Visibility

Build local awareness by launching dealer-specific display ads across corresponding and highly trafficked websites – designed to engage target audiences directly with your brand.

Geo Targeting

Target online shoppers by customizing ads to specific geographic locations – increasing ad relevancy using elements such as weather to anticipate online consumer demand.

Reclaim Lost Opportunities

Re-engage the 96% of website visitors that leave without taking action by using highly personalized, local retargeting ads to send them back to your Digital Storefronts to purchase.

Monitor Customer Engagement

Evaluate consumer impact by monitoring real time ad impressions, click through rates and online to in-store visits to maximize your investment across your local dealer network.