Digital Solutions for Multi-Location Brands and Franchises

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Nurturing local leads through branded, personalized email content not only helps you to stay in touch with your customers, but also allows you the opportunity to educate customers on where to buy a brand’s products, encourage repeat purchases, and foster brand loyalty through local promotions.

80% of retail professionals identify email marketing as their primary resource for customer acquisition and retention – reinforcing that email is a powerful tool for connecting locally branded messages with a wider audience.


Consumer Engagement Platform

Hyper-Local Email Marketing & Retention

Personalized Content

Develop customer relationships for your local stores by personalizing content according to location, demographics, or whatever stage consumers are at along the buying journey.

Brand Awareness

Build value with strategic email messaging that increases brand to local awareness, provides targeted location based content, and encourages customers to keep coming back.

Interactive Insights

Maximize local online engagements by using email metrics like open rates, click rates, and corresponding in-store visits to better understand your customers’ behaviors and interests.

Return on Investment

Increase local conversion rates by targeting consumers with the right message at the right time – a strategy that outperforms search, display and social by bringing in $40 for every $1 spent.