Digital Solutions for Brands with Dealer Networks

Connect with your Customers on Social Media

Connecting with new and existing customers on social media offers your local dealers the opportunity to create a personal connection with their audience.

With seven out of ten people visiting social media sites daily, dealer-specific social ads engage audiences through the channels they’re already using most.

Social provides a scalable way for brands to increase dealer visibility, participate in local online conversations and generate more online to in-store conversions.


Consumer Engagement Platform

Hyper-Local Social Media Advertising

Geo-Targeted Ads

Connect consumers to the dealer nearest them by serving users with location-specific social ads that are determined by brand-established, geo-targeting parameters.

Audience Demographics

Further customize your audience by establishing targeted ad demographics for social ads, such as age, gender, income, occupation, behavior and/or interests.

Mobile Advantage

With 60% of social media usage facilitated by mobile, maximize on-the-go visibility by aligning social ad promotions to nearby consumers – increasing the opportunity for dealer engagement.


Drive local conversions for your dealer network by measuring social insights such as ad reach, impressions and conversions – optimizing content for online and in-store dealer sales.