Digital Solutions for Brands with Dealer Networks

Store Visitation Lift

With nearly 90% of commerce happening offline, understanding what turns online shoppers into in-store customers is critical for helping your dealers stay competitive in a digital world.

Store visitation lift services now enable brands to track in-store conversions from online customers – measuring which online marketing strategies, such as paid search, display, or retargeting ads, drive shoppers into their dealers’ brick and mortar stores.

Consumer Engagement Platform

Hyper-Local Store Visitation Lift

How It Works

Leverage location data from smartphones using cell-tower signals, Wi-Fi, and GPS to identify consumers that were exposed to online ads and then set foot in a physical store.

Audience Targeting

Reach the right customers at the right time by using geographic location, audience demographics and mobile app usage to target shoppers and influence in-store, local consumer behavior.

Closed-Loop Reporting

Close the loop on digital reporting by measuring insights that help you better understand industry trends, gauge dealer ad performance, and identify new digital marketing opportunities.

Dealer Network Impact

Set dealers up for success with the ability to properly attribute local sales and effectively quantify the impact of digital advertising to dealer revenue – driving more customers directly to their door.