Digital Solutions for Multi-Location Brands and Franchises

Weather & Seasonal Advertising

No matter how well forecasted, the weather is still often an unpredictable force. And when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for annual consumer demand, weather is a significant factor for seasonal brands and products.

Weather-based marketing is a highly influential way to provide your brand with the ability to anticipate weather events and target customers with corresponding, hyper-relevant digital ads – the equivalent of asking a consumer if they want to buy an umbrella, a moment before it rains.

Consumer Engagement Platform

Hyper-Local Weather-Triggered & Seasonal Advertising

How It Works

Integrate weather-triggered features into existing paid media campaigns or design a specific campaign for the weather events that provide the most value for your brand.

Weather Triggers

Create custom rules that trigger campaigns from outside elements, such as temperature, wind speed, and precipitation – all influencers of weather-related, consumer purchasing spikes.

Real-Time Results

Capitalize on weather specific opportunities to lift online visibility when products are searched for most, increase overall brand engagement and send buyers directly to your local stores.

Long-Term, Local Value

Gain occassion-driven purchasing insights to build a comprehensive, online to in-store strategy – positioning your brand to amplify local revenue at every opportunity.