White Papers

Prepare for the Cookieless Future: Agencies Innovate With Local First-Party Data

In a future without cookies, creating relationships with customers completely changes for brands. When third-party cookies disappear, opt-ins intensify and privacy regulations are more rigorous, gathering first-party data becomes the solution that liberates agency value propositions and brand strategies. Download this whitepaper to learn how agencies should be navigating the cookieless future.

How to Increase Customer Loyalty and Conversions with Great User Experience

As the landscape becomes more and more competitive, user experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in purchase decisions. Download this white paper to learn how to deliver a user experience that drives conversions and reinforces long-term customer loyalty.

How to Drive More Local Sales Through Your Dealer Network

Manufacturing brands that rely on a dealer network to market and sell their high consideration products (think BBQ grills, HVAC systems, granite countertops, etc.) face a multi-faceted challenge when it comes to converting consumers at the ‘local’ level. Download this whitepaper to learn how to drive more local sales through your dealer network.

The Next Normal: Agencies Innovate to Win the Consumer Shift with Local + Data

We all know the 2020 customer journey was built as the result of longer-term trends in digital transformation. But the speed at which the changes accelerated in 2020 jolted customers ahead in their digital adoption by five years. Read more about innovating with the changing times.