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We offer a full suite of professional services to create a custom marketing technology solution to meet your business needs

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Marketing technology solutions

PowerChord knows that no two businesses are the same. With over 20 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the complex relationships and customer journeys that are built between brands, distributors, dealerships, and retail locations.

Prioritizing best practices

Marketing technology changes frequently, almost as fast as customer preferences change. PowerChord professional services are designed to keep your business ahead of the technology curve by focusing on your top goals, employing best-in-class solutions to avoid “shiny object syndrome,” and prioritizing tactics to maximize success.

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Strategic partnership

PowerChord values the relationship we have developed with each of our clients and view ourselves as an extension of your management team. Your success is our success! From our dedicated implementation team to our account managers, digital marketing experts, software engineers, and client service team, we look forward to understanding your business goals and providing you with a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Enhance your customer experience

If you have a marketing technology need, PowerChord can help you find the solution. We’ve tackled a wide range of projects, including:
Product configurator integrations

Shopping research can take many different forms depending on the product and customer needs. One of our clients wanted to offer a configurator on their local websites to allow the customer the opportunity to find and compare appropriate models. We were able to integrate with their custom product configurator to save development time and gain efficiency.

Custom rewards program to incentivize specific dealer actions

Encouraging specific behavior can be challenging, particularly when a brand tries to influence independent local retailers. In order to incentivize their dealers to register products, participate in training programs, and more, we built a Rewards platform for a large manufacturing client to reward those positive dealer actions.

Store locators to meet complex territory assignments

Several of our clients have long-standing relationships with their dealers, and territory assignments may be based on word-of-mouth and handshake agreements. These lines can be difficult to translate to an online store locator, but our team helped create a system to display the most accurate dealer regardless of the rule complexity.

Localization support for multiple languages and currency needs

Customers want to shop in their local language and see prices in their local currency. Not only can the PowerChord platform handle multiple languages and currencies, our Client Service staff is here to help. We have worked with many countries to manage content and product specifications across multiple languages seamlessly.

* Not available in all languages. Talk to a PowerChord rep for details.

Custom integrations for coupon apps and new hire applications

Hiring quality employees is a top priority for several of our clients, and their website is one of the main resources for attracting new talent. We have incorporated a variety of application tools and websites to assist clients with their hiring process. Other clients needed a place to promote coupons, special offers, and loyalty programs. Let us know your needs, and we will help you find the right solution for your business!

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We look forward to understanding your business goals and providing a solution that exceeds your expectations.


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