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That’s why we built a solution customized to grow with your unique business model.

Local Leads At Your Fingertips

Whether you have 1 location or 100,000 – promote your brand messaging, capture local leads, and tell your story with beautiful websites all in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Quit Wasting Money On Sites You Don’t Control

 Manage your entire ecosystem to allow for amazing customization so your brand is differentiated and provides the optimal customer experience.


Build Brand Authority

Easily manage a network of local websites with branded content that tells your story.

Boost Local Leads

Attract, engage, and convert local-intent leads across your entire network.

Leverage Customer Data

Utilize first-hand data insights to convert local leads into long-term customers.

Advertise Nationally & Locally

Turn national digital marketing campaigns into traffic for each location.

Oversee Your Ecosystem

Integrate your existing CRM, email services, listings, ratings, and social media.

Own The Journey

Bypass competitors and guide customers to a purchase decision online.

Always Be Seen & Found With Omnichannel Marketing

Put your brand in the best position to always win online with PowerChord.

Target, nurture, and capture leads to dominate local markets with intent-based digital marketing like never before.

Showcase with Apple Macbook, Apple iPhone, Google Home, Amazon Echo
Grasshopper case study on iphone X

“With PowerChord we saw lead volume, lead quality and sales go up – with losses to competitors go down."

“We’ve also seen that dealers participating in the PowerChord Program receive over 500% more leads than non-participating dealers.

It makes an obvious difference.”​​​​​​​

– Mike Simmon, Marketing Communications @ The Grasshopper Company


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