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Sell more to customers locally

Transform your marketing results by combining local digital marketing solutions with our automated customer acquisition platform

sell more to customers locally

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Why PowerChord?

Great marketing is focused on one thing - your customer. When you fully understand the needs of the people who purchase your products, you can create marketing to reach them, engage them, and convert them into life-long customers. But really knowing your customers can prove to be difficult when you sell through an indirect channel, like dealers or independent retail locations.

Connect with your customers at a local level

Our digital marketers are experts in connecting with your customers on a local level. We work with you to build a personalized marketing strategy that acquires and nurtures prospects while encouraging ongoing loyalty.

connect with customers
personalize your customer journey

Personalize your customer experiences

Encourage prospective customers to engage with your brand and dealers by providing personalization through local landing pages to maximize relevance and results. Monitor local store performance while ensuring that your branding, promotions and messaging are current.

Maximize results with local data insights

Make better decisions with better data. Gain access to powerful data-driven insights that provide invaluable guidance for informed decision-making. Leverage these insights to fine-tune your strategies, increase conversions, and stay one step ahead of the competition.  

Maximize local results
expand local marketing

Expand your local marketing capabilities

We know you depend on marketing technology, like your CRM, product reviews, shopping cart providers and more. With hundreds of plug-ins available, we have the solutions to level up your local marketing.

Proven expertise in generating real results for brands and their retailers

digital marketing experts

Your local digital marketing experts

With extensive experience working with manufacturers and their networks of thousands of dealers, PowerChord has the innovation, solutions, and support to bring your local markets to life.

From platform integrations and custom solutions to training and onboarding, the PowerChord team knows what it takes to maximize success.

Grow More CTA-06Grow more with PowerChord

We understand local marketing data, let us help you leverage it.

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Streamline your local customer journey

Discover how PowerChord can transform your marketing approach

streamline local customer journey