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Protect your brand, engage customers, and grow local online and in-store revenue.

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PLATFORMMulti-Location Digital Solutions

PowerChord’s digital platform helps brands grow online engagement, in addition to online and in-store sales through their retail networks.

Working with leading brands from around the world, we’ve combined years of industry expertise with advanced technology to provide easy-to-use, scalable tools that help your dealers compete against large, online retailers.

  • Grow Sales – generate qualified local leads that convert into long-term customers.
  • Control Your Brand – launch brand-specific, local digital storefronts that showcase your entire catalog or menu.
  • Win Local Search – dominate search results with local sites specifically optimized to win “near me” online and voice searches.
  • Focus On Mobile – engage customers at the exact moment they’re searching for your products or a nearby store.
  • Deepen Store Relationships – set local stores and franchisees up for success by providing tools to engage customers online.

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“PowerChord drove a ton of leads to our dealers – nearly a third of all leads sent have converted into sales!”Sally Smith, ODES Industries

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Our office is home to innovative ideas, impromptu jam sessions, and a group of individuals with spirited “can do” attitudes. Call us and let’s “Rock n’ Roll”.

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