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Local Digital Marketing Solutions

Driving performance, targeting innovation, and personalizing experiences

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Say goodbye to the complexities of local digital marketing

Our approach is custom, tailored specifically to your unique business needs. From paid search and social advertising to localized display, SEO, video advertising, and dynamic email campaigns, we utilize the most effective channels and strategies to drive performance for your local storefronts. By prioritizing best practices and staying ahead of technology trends, we ensure your campaigns stand out and maximize success.

Your trusted Google Premier Partner

Delivering exceptional digital experiences

As a Google Premier Partner with 20+ established partner relationships, we are focused on providing rich digital experiences across the entire customer journey with local, hyper-personalized marketing.

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Custom, because your solution needs to be

Based on your goals, PowerChord assesses the media mix and prioritizes accordingly, ensuring that each campaign is unique and tailored to your specific needs. 
Paid Search (1)
Paid Search

PowerChord has a unique localized approach to Search, with the goal of driving performance for local storefronts. Our clients tend to experience campaign performance above industry averages due to concentrating budgets locally.

Social Advertising
Social Advertising

PowerChord excels in experimenting with innovative technology, ad units and targeting techniques which enables highly refined audience targeting within our Social Media Advertising. 

Local Display
Localized Display

PowerChord works with multiple display vendors to ensure ads reach the target audience at the most impactful place and time. With our unique local approach, the dealer’s name can be paired with the brand’s message in ad units. 

Local Display (3)
Search Engine Optimization

Brands that invest in SEO can build credibility & trust with audiences, which can lead to long-term exponential growth.

Local Display (1)
Video Advertising

PowerChord has relationships established with vendors including  YouTube, Hulu,  and CTV Partners to ensure the right ad unit is placed to meet campaign goals.

Local Display (2)
Dynamic Email

PowerChord uses dynamic messaging to provide relevant email content, promotions, and offers that reflect the unique locality.

The PowerChord difference

PowerChord’s approach reaches the audience at their point in the customer journey, by optimizing content based upon specific intent.

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Reinvent your customers’ buying journey with PowerChord

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