Strategies, Start-ups & Standouts

The MarTech Talk podcast is devoted to exploring all emerging strategies, start-ups, and standouts in the MarTech space, including in-depth conversations with the experts behind the new developments.

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The Martech Talk Podcast

The Grumpy Mailbag

We welcome MarTech employees from all over the world to share the things that make them grumpy at work.   Drop us a line on our 100% anonymous form and our the host of Martech Talk, Bill Volmuth will read it on-air!

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About PowerChord

Your brand has a vision for how products should be positioned and sold by partners in your network. The problem is you don’t have time to micro-manage every detail.PowerChord operates as your micro-manager with full transparency into each sales funnel across your network. Easily check who is getting the most leads, making the most sales, and honoring your brand vision.

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