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PowerChord keeps things moving where brands, dealers, and customers intersect.

PowerChord is at the intersection between Brands, Dealers, and Customers

Taking your brand from a global presence to a locally-relevant message is challenging. It becomes even more challenging when you’re trying to support local dealers, who need leads, promotions, and control of their store information.

PowerChord curates the brand-to-local journey from a single, centralized platform that brings together the most powerful CRM, CMS, lead capture, digital marketing, and reporting functions.

Locally Targeted,
Globally Implemented

We centralize local lead capture and marketing efforts for dealer-distributed brands around the globe.

our solutions

Customer Experience

Create a consistent digital presence across your brand’s network while tailoring content to your local markets. Updates to products and pricing are applied globally, ensuring a consistent experience.

Lead Distribution and Management

Capture information from customers when they interact with your brand and automatically distribute those leads to your local dealer network.

Analytics and Reporting

Keep track of lead engagement, dealer performance, and marketing efforts. Gain the insight you need to optimize your local sales strategies across your network.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

Support your lead generation efforts with comprehensive, locally targeted marketing efforts to better connect customers to your brand.

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Who Trusts Us