Agency Solutions

Leverage local customer data to fuel growth and innovation for your agency.

Optimize performance with local insights

Partner with PowerChord and our cutting edge technology to enhance your local campaigns and bring customer data to life. Optimize campaign performance with locally relevant content to impact conversions and loyalty.

  • Generate targeted landing page CTAs to drive customer conversions
  • First-party data delivers valuable and reliable insights into customer actions and choices for personalization
  • With the right data accessible, your campaigns and messaging become focused on the customers' needs to win for your clients
  • Scale with our all-in-one platform solution to increase efficiency while reducing costs

Expand ROI with one comprehensive solution

PowerChord combines web content publishing, lead distribution and management, and analytics and insights in one centralized interface.

Scaling local campaigns no longer means hours of work building out websites or landing pages for hundreds (or thousands) of local retailers. With local lead management in a single solution, PowerChord complements your agency expertise and provides extensive return in the form of first-party data and local market impact.

  • Serve all your clients' local data and websites/landing pages from one dashboard
  • Increase client advertising budgets by soliciting participation from retailers to increase their local online marketing presence
  • Dynamically populate locally relevant content based on geography, seasonality, or regional offers
  • Integrate local customer data with an existing CRM or CDP
  • Extend performance impact by using local customer data in remarketing and loyalty campaigns

Powerful technology built for performance

The PowerChord platform puts locally relevant first-party data, personalization and performance at your fingertips. Quickly and easily complete the local customer journey that you've been looking for, while demonstrating your marketing expertise.

  • Quick and clear training materials will make you an expert in local marketing best practices
  • PowerChord white glove onboarding and account management can help you solve any problems, any time
  • Stay ahead of the competition with leading technology that is updated regularly to meet industry changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PowerChord integrate with my existing marketing tools?

The PowerChord platform can be integrated into your larger MarTech ecosystem. For example, first-party customer data can be shared with your CRM platform for lead nurturing and loyalty programs. Your GA tags can be added to the landing pages and websites for full campaign tracking and reporting. Our onboarding team will work with you to find a solution for any of your integration needs.

What type of agencies does PowerChord work with?

We work with agencies big and small around the globe with a range of specialties including: performance marketing, media buying, creative production, as well as industry-specific verticals.

How do your digital advertising efforts integrate with traditional marketing?

In addition to working with digital agencies across the country, PowerChord also partners with traditional media groups in television, radio, billboard and print. Clients are looking to you for an overall marketing strategy, which includes navigating the fragmented media landscape. The PowerChord platform helps you build a comprehensive campaign with locally targeted messaging across all channels.

Does PowerChord have the capability to place local digital marketing campaigns?

PowerChord offers both a platform to build landing pages and websites at scale, as well as a fully-staffed digital marketing team. We focus specifically on hyper-local campaign strategy and placement, and can scale DM campaigns to meet your business and performance goals.

How can PowerChord help my agency increase revenue from new and existing clients?

PowerChord has worked with agencies, brands and thousands of SMB owners to build locally targeted digital marketing campaigns designed to drive local conversions. Your account management team will share best practices and recommendations to maximize campaign investments at the local level and grow campaign participation.