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Leverage Your Leads
Empower Your Dealer Network
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Leverage your leads

Managing your long list of lead-generating channels is time-consuming - social media, pay-per-click, display advertising, trade shows... add in the time and effort it takes to allocate and track the leads manually, and before you know it, there’s no time left in the day for anything else. PowerChord’s powerful lead distribution and management platform helps you reclaim the day. Not to mention your sanity lost on lead-tracking spreadsheets! In the time it takes to manage just one of your lead-generating channels, PowerChord has captured and funneled them into one streamlined system, allocated each lead to the appropriate dealer in your network, and emailed you reports on the status of those leads.

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Empower your dealer network

Empower your independent dealer network with the tools needed to quickly and effectively contact and nurture qualified leads throughout the customer journey. Within seconds of capturing a new lead, PowerChord allocates that lead to the most relevant dealer via SMS and email to minimize time-to-contact and maximize sales. Shortly after, the platform generates an email with an easy one-click sales funnel update button to help maintain pipeline accuracy with minimal effort. If the lead sits for too long without any updates, an email is automatically sent with a friendly reminder to follow up with the contact or update the status from within the email. Throughout the entire lead’s lifecycle, PowerChord tracks each step, helps maintain sales funnel relevancy with easy update emails and sends tracking reports to chosen leadership members.

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Better your business

PowerChord firmly believes if you pay for the leads, you deserve to know the outcome. Our analytics dashboard and robust reports provide marketing and sales teams with the information needed to make informed decisions. Having clear visibility into each pipeline across the entire dealer network means no more guessing the outcome of your leads, which dealers are the highest performers, or whether or not your customer’s journey is fully optimized. Our reports even show how well your marketing and advertising efforts are performing, including regional and seasonal sale efforts. 

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Protect your pipeline

Protect the leads you pay for with PowerChord’s branded landing pages. When your customers are ready to make a purchase, don't take any chances with a disconnect between your website, your online marketing efforts, and the purchase - and don’t risk losing that sale to a competitor. PowerChord's brand-specific landing page add-on feature seamlessly guides customers through your online marketing efforts directly through to the nearest dealer, without any sight of your competitors along the way. We work directly with you and your dealers to create brand-specific landing pages that ensure the brand’s message and vision are maintained throughout the customer’s journey. With complete control over what products are featured, including seasonal and region-specific special offers, you’ll effectively create a secure funnel of qualified leads your competitors can't touch. How's that for a win-win situation?

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Let us lead you to the locals

When marketing your products, the key is being in the right place at the right time, with the right message. Support your lead generation efforts with PowerChord’s locally-targeted and dealer-tagged digital marketing program. We’ll help you provide a consistent message across search engines, social media, video, display ads, and behavior-based retargeting. So whether you market on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, PowerChord is here to aggregate leads from those sources and make sure your customers are connected with a local reseller ready to close the sale. Elevate your lead generation to the next level by taking advantage of our branded local landing pages so we can tailor each digital marketing campaign with layered location targeting that drives local leads to your dealer’s branded site.

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Solutions built for agencies and channel experts

If you’re working to serve multi-location brands as a marketing and digital communications expert, you’re in luck. PowerChord offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of agencies, media planners, and service providers.