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8 Tips on How to Prepare Clients for Search Generative Experience

Preparing your partners for the upcoming search generative experience is both important and challenging. With new technologies emerging at a fast pace, it's essential for search marketers to guide their clients through the process. In this blog, we will provide you with eight tips on how to effectively prepare your partners for this exciting shift.

  1. Clearly explain what generative AI is and how it works. Generative AI can create original content, respond conversationally, and perform other human-like tasks. Google and other search engines plan to incorporate these abilities into search algorithms.
  2. Highlight how it will impact search engine results. Instead of retrieving pre-existing pages, search engines may generate entirely new content to answer queries. This means the game changes for optimizing websites.
  3. Share specifics on how you'll adapt SEO and content strategies. Outline plans to shift from targeting keywords to focusing on full-sentence queries. Explain how you'll test and refine approaches over time. 
  4. Provide reassurance that short-term rankings may dip as you transition strategies. Reinforce your expertise in navigating Google updates.
  5. Offer an audit of their website to identify required changes. Provide quotes and timelines to update content to the new AI-focused format.
  6. Suggest creating FAQ schema markup to answer their customers' common questions. Direct focus toward conversational content.
  7. Advise adding more multimedia formats like videos and podcasts. Generative AI excels at synthesizing information from diverse mediums. 
  8. Reiterate that you'll continue optimizing for human readers and customers. The fundamentals of great content remain essential.

As the integration of generative AI into search algorithms becomes a reality, it's important to adapt our SEO and content strategies. By explaining generative AI in simple terms, emphasizing its impact on search engine results, and offering reassurance during the transition, we can help our partners embrace this cutting-edge technology. Through website audits, adding FAQ sections, and including multimedia content, we can optimize websites for the changing search landscape. By reminding our partners that we prioritize human readers and customers, we ensure the importance of creating great content. Together, we can navigate this shift and turn generative AI into a powerful tool for success.


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