This One Thing Drastically Improved Sales Funnel Accuracy 


A few months ago, PowerChord launched a time-saving sales support feature that allows salespeople to update their sales funnel with one click of a button from within an auto-generated email. The early feedback came from our largest global Brands in the form of “thank yous” and “Kudos for giving dealers a new tool to keep sales funnels up-to-date.” Still, we could hear the skepticism in their voice about whether or not the dealers would actually utilize the new feature. We completely understood their concerns. After all, you can lead a horse to water… 

While, of course, we hoped the feature would be a hit, we never imagined the tremendous impact it made for our Brands and their dealer network in just the first couple of months of use. We were elated that the dealers were immediately receptive to the feature, with many taking advantage of it from the very first email they received that included the option for one-click action sales funnel updates. 

I suppose I should interject a little background here; PowerChord is an award-winning lead distribution and lead management SaaS platform that’s been around for two decades. We predominantly cater to big brands that have an even bigger dealer network. Our platform is trusted by major well-known brands across the globe to automate and allocate hundreds of thousands of leads, then track those leads throughout the customer’s journey, all while providing reports along the way.

We take great pride in our ability to keep our brand’s sales funnels secure and transparent across their entire dealer network. Our platform captures newly generated leads and distributes those leads within seconds to a chosen dealer according to predetermined parameters set by the brand. Unlike most other lead distribution providers, PowerChord continues to work with dealers past the lead allocation stage. Every day we support thousands of dealers in their quest to provide an optimal customer experience. Our new one-click pipeline updates are a great example of one of the many ways we support dealer sales efforts. 

I digress… back to the matter at hand, PowerChord’s one-click pipeline update feature and the incredible stats our brands provided to drive home how great the new feature is for saving time, improving pipeline accuracy, and transparency. Since the launch of the feature just a couple of months ago in late Q4 of 2021, two of our largest brands have reported the following:

Prior to the launch of OCA, Brand A saw fewer than 2% of leads moved out of the default status of 'new.’ Post OCA launch, 49% of leads moved out of the default status of 'new.’

Prior to the launch of OCA, Brand B saw 4.3% of leads moved out of the default status of 'new' . Post OCA launch, 49% of leads moved out of the default status of 'new.’

A few things to note:

  • PowerChord’s One-Click Action feature can immediately lead to nearly a 50% increase in sales funnel accuracy.
  • PowerChord’s SaaS platform can validate what happens to leads beyond distribution. Was a sale made? Did they buy your brand or competitors? Did they buy new or used inventory?

Because transparency is such a significant aspect of our work and platform, it’s important that we be transparent about why we think the response was so fantastic. The reason is simple - we made updating the pipeline fast and easy. 

As with most platforms we use today, the only way to interact with the information is by logging into the system, navigating to an area that needs to be updated, and finally making the actual update. Time is of the essence to salespeople, and no way are they going to waste precious time fumbling with a system on the fly after contacting a new lead. PowerChord’s easy sales funnel update feature ultimately saves the time and effort needed to make updates. Since our system sends status update emails right after the lead is allocated, by the time the dealer has finished contacting the new lead, PowerChord has already sent the email requesting an easy pipeline update. FYI: Another email will be sent a few days later to remind the dealer to follow up and/or update their sales funnel with another quick click of a button.

What is interesting here is that salespeople understand the importance of keeping their sales funnel up-to-date and accurate. The time and effort it traditionally takes to make those updates is the issue. Just this one simple feature has completely changed how our dealers operate for the better, and we are incredibly proud of that.

Needless to say, PowerChord’s production team is already BETA testing two new super cool features that will continue to support our dealers and their sales funnel accuracy with little time or effort on their part, which, of course, translates to even more transparency for our brands when it comes to the performance of their network. That’s a win-win all around! 

For more information about how PowerChord’s powerful lead distribution and management SaaS platform can help support your dealer network, request a demo today!

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